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E-M:/ Re: President on fuel cells and hydrogen

Enviro-Mich message from "Mary La France" <mary.lafrance@mindspring.com>

>"All I know is that when my current car goes to the great scrapyard in >the
sky, I'm going to seriously consider a hybrid . . . " -Erik Janus

I think I live near the scrap yard in the sky. It's at Pennsylvania and
Telegraph Downriver. They call it Hi-Way.

Just received these articles from a "Car Guy" I know.
Maybe you saw them already . . .

Here's an article that talks about GM's plans to produce hybrids.

You can view this article online at

GM Targets 1 million hybrids
Sets plans to produce eco-friendly engines
By Paul A. Eisenstein and Joseph Szczesny

2003 Detroit Auto Show Coverage by TCC Team (1/6/2003)

General Motors intends to produce as many as 1 million hybrid
gasoline/electric cars, trucks and crossovers. If the automaker lives up
to its initial plans, it would be the largest commitment yet to the
environmentally-friendly technology.

Here's another one about the U.S. Army:

You can view this article online at

U.S. Army Going Green?
GM's hybrid is both cleaner and more stealthy - and could be the military
vehicle of the near future.
By Paul A. Eisenstein

It may seem the ultimate oxymoron, but the U.S. Army believes there's
reason to go green. It's ready to evaluate a General Motors prototype
surveillance vehicle featuring a blend of hybrid-electric and fuel cell

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