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E-M:/ Buying into sustainability

Wednesday, February 5, 2003 from 4:00-5:30pm in 316 Bessey Hall at Michigan State University, the “Visions of an Alternative Future: Building Sustainable Communities”  Semester Series will focus on “Buying and Investing for a Sustainable Future: A Few Thoughts on Alternatives” led by Terry Link, Director of MSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability.


How do we make choices in the market? How can we align those purchasing/investing choices with our personal values? What are some of the criteria we might consider? How do we find the information that will help us make the better choices? What can we do to foster personal and institutional consideration of the externalities hidden from retail price? What government policies might nurture or prevent such a system from evolving?


Terry Link has been involved in the information world in publishing, in libraries, and as a citizen activist for more than 30 years. He has written, spoken and organized forums on the interface between information, democracy, sustainability, the environment and corporate responsibility. He is notoriously known for having come in 3rd in the 1998 Michigan Governor’s race having spent less than $5.00 on his campaign - one of the best vote/$ ratios in local electoral history.


For a list of upcoming speakers see http://www.ecofoot.msu.edu/files/pdfs/series03.pdf