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E-M:/ Rep. Johnson and Natural Rivers

"Michigan's rivers are a precious resource to all those who choose to enjoy them.  It is our responsibility to do everything possible to ensure they remain in immaculate condition."
The above is an exact quote from a letter received from Representative Johnson, dated January 22, 2003 in response to a letter my wife and I sent him in support of the Natural River designation of the Pine and upper Manistee Rivers.   Without exception, the opponents of Natural River designation express a concern for protecting the resource.   Also without exception, they are opposed to every reasonable means of protecting the rivers.  It's time for the opponents to either explain how they intend to protect rivers without implementing some land use restrictions or for them to admit they don't care about rivers.  So, Mr. Johnson, how do you intend to ensure this precious resource remains in immaculate condition?
Matt Johnstone