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E-M:/ Bottle Bill Expansion editorials

Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Surfus <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>

In the past few days, the Michigan Food and Beverage Association and its
front group, the "Michigan Recycling Partnership" have gone on the
offensive (in more ways than one) to make sure an expansion of Michigan's
bottle bill to bottled water, sports drinks, juices, and teas never gets
off the ground.

Last Thursday's Detroit News had an editorial by Edward Deeb, president of
the Michigan Food & Beverage Association.  His scare tactics include
"major sanitation issues in our state's supermarkets" and "recent
increases in food-borne illnesses."  I challenge Mr. Deeb to come up with
one instance of someone getting sick as a result of our bottle bill.  His
editorial can be read here:


Yesterday's Lansing State Journal included an editorial by Mary Dechow,
chairwoman of the Michigan Recyling Partnership.  She blames the bottle
bill for our low recycling rate, as being minimal in effectiveness, and
for global warming (just kidding).  Her editorial can be read here:


It looks like they are setting up their misinformation and lobbying
machine up early for what promises to be an ugly battle over the bottle
bill expansion.

Will we ever have a world where millions aren't spent by corporations for
media manipulation, misinformation, and plain outright lies rather than to
make this world a better place?

Jeff Surfus

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