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I'll answer my own question.....Mary Dechow's official title is
"Director of Government Relations" for Spartan Stores.  I wonder why
that job title was not used in the LSJ op-ed piece???  I guess that she
is not a Vice-president for the corporation....or at least is not listed
as such in the corporate information posted on the company's web site.

See the following from the Spartan Stores web site regarding their large
number of stores (94 supermarkets and 21 drugstores) as well as the
large number (6,600) of convenience stores that they supply in six
states....Helps to put the LSJ editorial into perspective............TR

Fact Sheet <from http://www.spartanstores.com/news_body.html>

Spartan Stores, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPTN) is a premier regional
grocery/drugstore retailer and wholesale distributor based in Grand
Rapids, Michigan. As a result of seven acquisitions since 1999, Spartan
Stores now owns and operates 94 supermarkets and 21 drugstores
throughout Michigan and Ohio. 

Spartan Stores also supplies more than 40,000 private label and national
brand products to more than 330 independently owned grocery stores in
Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and serves as wholesale distributor to 6,600
convenience stores in six states throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

Spartan-owned retail stores

Store banners   #Location Acquired 
Ashcraft's 6 Central Michigan  January 1999 
Family Fare Supermarkets 13 Metro-Grand Rapids March 1999 
Glen's Markets 23 Northern Michigan May 1999 
Great Day Food Centers 3 Metro-Grand Rapids December 1999 
Food Town Supermarkets 39 SE Michigan, Ohio August 2000 
The Pharm drugstores 21 SE Michigan, Ohio August 2000 
Prevo's Family Markets 9 Grand Rapids, Northern Michigan March 2001 
Madison Family Market 1 Grand Rapids, Michigan October 2002 

Facilities Locations Retail, Wholesale Grocery and Convenience Store
Distribution Michigan

Grand Rapids (2)
Plymouth Ohio

Toledo (3) Kentucky

Convenience Store, Wholesale Cash-and-Carry Outlets Bay City Bloomfield
Dearborn Flushing Grand Rapids Harrison Kalamazoo Lansing Muskegon
Redford Township Warren Toledo  

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Re: the Bottle Bill Editorials......Is the Mary Dechow who wrote the
Lansing State Journal op-ed piece as chairwoman of the "Michigan
Recycling Partnership" the same Mary Dechow who is a vice-president for
Spartan Stores, the big grocery store chain???

Anybody know what kind of organization the Michigan Recycling
Partnership really is???


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