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E-M:/ What is Praxis,? several Enviro-Mich readers have asked.

Praxis founded in 1986 is the Integrated Biological Cybernetics company based in West Michigan that provides solutions for pest and environmental management based on biology rather than chemistry. Both as a business concerned for the embryonic
biological control industry, and as citizens, we have grave concerns as to why so many sources of IPM information fail to
identify non-pesticide, biological control IPM alternatives. Pesticide use is promoted and endorsed by default if available
biological control alternatives are not identified by School, community, and farm IPM specialists on a state and local level.
Praxis, is meeting both authentic IPM and Ecologically Based Pest Management (EBPM) requirements.

For more information, or to answer questions contact us. Visit our web page, http://www.praxis-ibc.com, or email us praxis@allegan.net.

Patrick D. McKown                      

Samuel M. DeFazio                  

Jean E. McKown


2723 116th Avenue

Allegan, MI 49010     616-673-2793

Praxis Product List-  Effective, Sustainable, Affordable, Environmental Management Alternatives: Biotool KIts TM.  Since 1986 Environmental Management Without Chemical Biocides.

Human Habitation

New Academy Biotool Kit" (Human Habitation) Pesticide free school buildings and grounds. The Academy Biotool Kit" is consistent with State of Michigan IPM regulations and Michigan Department  of Agriculture School  IPM program.  

Doma Biotool Kit" (Human Habitation)   Pesticide free homes, apartments, offices and public buildings, consistent with GSA mandates, new construction pretreatment, and complies with State of Michigan IPM  rules and regulations.  Also the voluntary accommodation of chemically handicapped Americans; MCS sufferers Biological control of pest insects.

Café Biotool Kit" (Human Habitation). Pest and pesticide free restaurants,  Michigan Department of Public Health approved for use in food service areas.

Janus Biotool Kit" (Human Habitation)  Pesticide free prisons, jails, custom houses and police settings, eliminating the availability of  pesticides for use as weapons and agents of suicide.   Increases staff and inmate safety, security and complies with Government  Services Administration, Integrated Pest Management  mandates.  Biological control of pesticide resistant insects.

Molina Biotool Kit" (Human Habitation and Food Stream) Pesticide free stored grain elevators and warehouses of stored organic products, Grocery stores, biological control of stored grain insects and cockroaches.  A biological evolved systems approach to pest management.

Waste Stream

Anam Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Environmental Poisons)  Bioremediation of pesticides, hydrocarbon toxins, petroleum products, industrial waste streams, brown fields.  Expedites the transition to organic farming.

Swine Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Forage) Pesticide free fly and odor control, waste treatment and storage lagoons  for swine, reduce non-point pollution.

Cast Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream) Waste water treatment plants  microbial argumentation and  bioremediation, improves compliance with DEQ and reduces odor.

Cowpens Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Forage) Pesticide free bovine fly and odor management.   Meadow management, reduce non-point pollution.

Epona Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Forage) Pesticide free biological control of flies and odor. Equine settings, large animal veterinary practices, riding, boarding, and breeding stables.  The Epona Biotool Kit" emphasizes reducing conflicts between the urban/suburban interface, addressing Right to Farm, rezoning conflicts, and nuisance law suits associated with keeping horses.

Loch Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream & Water Quality) Pesticide and herbicide free lake management. ponds, biological control of aquatic vegetation and mosquitoes.

Phase Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream Recovery) Pesticide free leaf and yard waste management, composting, odor control, bioremediation, biological control of associated pests directed to community based efforts.  Small communities without specialized equipment can compost their own yard waste.  This low input static pile method can support community based gardening, teaching gardens, or park maintenance.

Viren Biotool Kit" (Waste Stream).  Pesticide free golf courses , parks, turf, biological management of turf pests and turf diseases by competitive exclusion. 

Zoon Biotool Kit" (Waste stream & Closed System Animal Habitats) Pesticide free zoos, public aquariums, pet stores, nature centers and wildlife sanctuaries were pesticide use is impractical, not desirable, or prohibited.  Biological control is effective and economical alternative.

Vegetable Crops & Fruit Production

Directed to Growers who want to eliminate pesticides, herbicides, fungicides from  their management production systems.  Visit our web site, call, or write us biological growing alternatives for vegetable, grain and fruit crops.  Biological control of major and minor crop pests, reduce non-point pollution and groundwater contamination.  The Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) encourages all pest management strategies that are consistent with pesticide use reduction to lower the risk to children and women who are more easily harmed by these toxic products.

Allium Biotool Kit" (Agriculture) Onions, all varieties.
Asparagus Biotool Kit" (Agriculture) Asparagus.
Avalon Biotool Kit" (Agriculture) Apple orchards.
BleumenKel". Bioponically" grown cut flowers.
Brassica Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Cabbages. All varieties.
Capsicum Biotool Kit"Peppers.
Cichorium Biotool Kit" Endives.
Cucumis Biotool Kit" Cucumbers.
Cucurbita Biotool Kit"Squashes.
Daucus Biotool Kit"Carrots.
Fragaria Biotool Kit" Strawberries.
Helianthus Biotool Kit". Sunflowers.
Ipomoea Biotool Kit" Sweet potatoes.
Lactuca Biotool Kit" Lettuces.
Niche Biotool Kit" (Horticulture). Field container grown nursery stock. Covers multiple varieties and species of trees and shrubs.
Orchid Biotool Kit" (Horticulture). Orchids, wild, ornamental and cut flower.
Phaseolus Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Green beans.
Rubus Biotool Kit" (Agriculture) Raspberries. Black and Red.
Solana Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant and other solanaceous vegetables.
Soya Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Soybeans.
Spinachia Biotool Kit"Spinach.
Vaccinium Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Blueberries. Cranberries.
Vectus Biotool Kit"  (Environmental). Mosquito and Black Fly.
Viren Biotool Kit" (Environmental).  Parks, turf, golfcourses.
Vitis Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Grapes. Eating and wine.
Zea Biotool Kit" (Agriculture). Sweet Corn.

From Our Landscape Ecology Research

HedgeMaster Biotool Kit" (Agriculture).  Increasing plant diversity for sequential nectar and pollen availability in perimeters results in increased natural animal diversity in urban, suburban, and agricultural settings. Hedgemaster" is used in the perimeter of areas with crop production in agricultural Biotool Kits" to support the biological components of the programs. It is a real time degree day schedule for biological applications and pest events and it gives opportunity for farmers or horticulturalists to increase the worth of their land and provide a reservoir for beneficial plants and organisms off crop cycle to assist in further agricultural diversification and production.  Developed from more than twenty years of observation of landscape ecology with plant insect interactions.

New Grange Microfarm" is selecting plants with special talents and relationships to be distributed through garden centers and landscapers as well as for farm perimeters.

Greenhouse Biotool Kit" (Crops) Pesticide free, beyond organic starter plants, from public, rehabilitation, teaching and production greenhouses, building atriums, greenhouses conservatories, are kept free from environmental biocides , addresses EPA reentry requirements and record keeping, non point pollution and worker safety.  A 100% reduction in pesticide, fungicide, acaricide, nematicide, avicide, molluskacide and herbicide use. 

Specific Problems

Dispar Biotool Kit" (Gypsy Moth) Pesticide free Community Based Gypsy Moth Control.  Implemented by, schools, townships, cities, neighborhood organizations, business patrons or individuals.  Affordable, easily implemented, long term management.  Can be started any time from early spring until late fall.

Rute Biotool Kit" (Japanese Beetle) Pesticide free Japanese beetle control, parks, golf courses, arboreta, airports and other turf surfaces.

Medusa Ant" (Carpenter Ant, and other species) Pesticide free Carpenter Ant control.  Our material and methods have ended problems that had persisted for years using pesticides.

Vectus Biotool Kit" (Biting Insects). Mosquito, Black Fly and other biting flies control, of medical and veterinary 

Vespa Biotool Kit" Yellow Jackets. Fairgrounds, schools, parks, waterfronts, greengrocers, wineries.

Medusa Cockroach"Cockroaches(all species

IPM Definition:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest management strategy that focuses on long term prevention or suppression of pest problems with a minimum impact on human health, the environment, and non-target organisms and is based on biological control.

Praxis Rationale for Reliance on Biological Controls as the Primary Control Methods

>From USDA, APHIS, NBCI (National Biological Control Institute), Dr. Ernest S. Delfosse, Ph.D., Director: Re:Biological control,

 "It is the first option for pest management, and replaces chemical control as the, base strategy of Integrated Pest Management".

USDA, EPA, FDA, Tripart Agreement to reduce pesticide use and protect children.(pesticide use reduction 100%)

National Research Council's Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children. 1993. This book and study identifies children as being at higher risk than adults from pesticide exposure.

The National PTA's and National Education Associations position on pesticide reduction and health and human safety- in school settings.