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E-M:/ Praxis on National Honor Role


Praxis Special Recognition for Environmental Accomplishments in MIchigan.

City of Allegan 1994:  Michigan Municipal, League First Place: Cost
Saving and Innovation - Community Based, Non-Pesticide, Gypsy Moth Management. (Praxis, Dispar Biotool-Kit™).  In 1999 more than 50,000 West Michigan residents managed Gypsy Moth with Praxis.

Praxis 1994:  Keep Michigan Beautiful:  Distinguished Service Award.  Community based Gypsy Moth Management.  City of  Allegan. (Dispar Biotool-Kit™).  Environmental and Quality of life Award.

Praxis 1994:  MEHA (Michigan Environmental Health Association):  Special Recognition Award.  Samuel M. DeFazio and Patrick D. McKown for commitment to the promotion of Environmental Health, Pesticide Free Allegan Public Schools, Community Based Gypsy Moth Control and low cost Municipal Yard Waste biological static pile composting.  Academy Biotool-Kit™, Dispar Biotool-Kit™, Vectus Biotool-Kit, Vitrodome Biotool-Kit™.  Human Safety.

Praxis 1995:  Keep Michigan Beautiful: Continued Excellence Award.  Student and facility  manager run Pesticide free Allegan Schools consistent with State of Michigan IPM Regulations.  Academy Biotool-Kit™.  Human Safety.

Nomination: Praxis 1995:  National Appropriate Technology Awards.  Allegan pesticide free schools.  Academy Biotool-Kit™.

Praxis 1996:  Keep Michigan Beautiful:  Continued Excellence award.  Integrated Biological Cybernetic static pile composting.  Resource recovery, Biological carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus cycling; rather than "Recycling", odor control the Phase Biotool-Kit™

Praxis 1996: Certificate of Appreciation: Michigan Agriscience Educators.  As a token of appreciation for cooperation, encouragement, and assistance given to the MAAE. Vitrodome Biotool-Kit™.

Nomination: Praxis 1996: National Arbor Day Foundation: Environmental Stewardship Award.  Dispar Biotool-Kit™(Gypsy Moth).  Human Safety

President's Council On Sustainable Development 1996: Certificate of Appreciation for Service to the President's Council on Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development Awards. Environmental Stewardship, Sustainable Communities.  Recognizing outstanding contributions to sustainable development. Praxis Biotool-Kits™.

Nomination: Praxis 1997: National Wetlands Awards Programs, Land Stewardship and Development.  Designed to recognize excellence and innovation in wetlands restoration and conservation.  Loch Biotool-Kit™.

Praxis 1997: National Green Pages: Green Business Recognition.  Green Businesses promise to conduct business to standards that reach beyond  contemporary practices in advancing the needs of the customer, employees, the community and the environment.  The Green Business Recognition of Praxis reflects Praxis extraordinary commitment to operate in a socially just  and environmentally sustainable manner. Praxis Biotool-Kits™.

Praxis 1997: Certificate of Recognition: West Michigan Science Festival, Awarded to Praxis in generous support. Epona Biotool-Kit ™Fly and odor control in equine settings.


Biologically Based Technologies For Pest Control. Congress of the United States Office of Technology Assessment.  1995.  Successful real time implementation of technology transfer and identification of regulatory interference.  Integrated Biological Cybernetic alternatives to environmental biocides.  

Praxis's was one of 251 commentaries on Federal Register volume 60, number 17, APHIS proposed rule change, 7 CFR part 335, January 26, 1995.  Withdrawn June 16, 1995, all comments were negative as to its passage.  Praxis contention was that if implemented as written would have lead to discouragement of alternatives to environmental biocides.

Praxis, 1997: Was a catalyst in establishing an advisory group identifying suitability and roadblocks to the implementation of state mandated IPM laws, in schools, hospitals and elder care facilities.  The Michigan Human Living Environment Pest Management Advisory Group. Findings and recommendations:  Final Draft 4.2 issued September, 1995.

Praxis, 1997: Contributed plants, antique and heirloom vegetable and flower varieties, to community base gardening projects associated with schools (teaching gardens), Churches, and the elderly in the greater Metropolitan Detroit area in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Praxis, 1997: Hosted a portion of the National Conference of the Integrated Food and Farming Systems Network. Tours of Praxis pesticide free, Certified Organic, greenhouses and nursery, biological control of flies and odor. Visit to a pesticide free equine veterinary practice, and a presentation by Allegan County Health Department on biological control of Cockroaches in Allegan Public Schools.  Sustainable
Agriculture/Sustainable Society

Nomination: PRAXIS 1997:
 Athena Award:               

Jean E. McKown. The Athena Award is awarded to women showing outstanding leadership, community service and family commitment who show by example a commitment to excellence in all areas of endeavor.

Praxis 1998: Certificate of Recognition: West Michigan Science Festival: Awarded to Praxis in generous support.  Doma Biotool-Kit™. Students, teachers and parents were told how pesticide use reduction in the home could improve indoor air quality and reduce risk of asthma cascades leading to mortality and morbidity.

City of Allegan 1998: Michigan Municipal League: Certificate of Achievement: Integrated Pest Management Program (Praxis, Doma Office Biotool-Kit™)  Non-Pesticide, IPM Management of all public buildings in the City of Allegan, improved security and worker safety.  City offices, Police and Fire Stations (Praxis, Doma Biotool-Kit™).  The program was designed to meet and exceed State of Michigan mandated IPM requirements and Ecologically Based Pest Management, EBPM .

Praxis 1999: Certificate of Recognition: West Michigan Science Festival: Awarded to Praxis in generous support. Academy Biotool-Kit™. Students, teachers and parents were instructed on how pesticide use reduction (100%) could improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of a constellation of health concerns for children who are exposed. Children are at far greater risk to pesticides harm.  Immediate symptoms can include aggressive behavior, neurological impairment, respiratory distress, and can contribute to long term problems such as reproductive anomalies and cancer later in life.  Teachers, administrators and support staff are also greatly benefitted.  Women tend to be at greater risk than men, children at greater risk than adults.

Cass Technical High School, 1999: Michigan Department of Agriculture special recognition for the student run IPM protocol in the nation, designed by Praxis, our site specific Academy Biotool-Kit™ , Praxis also provided an in-service training event in Allegan, Michigan and technical support.  Biological control of Cockroaches, several species, drain flies, and moth flies as well as the bio-remediation of Cockroach allergens are special features.

Praxis 1999: Co-op America’s, National Green Pages 2000-2003:  Praxis made the national honor role of US business for practices in advancing the needs of the customer, employees, the community and the environment. This signifies that Praxis has been recognized for an extraordinary commitment to operate in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner. Praxis Biotool-Kits™.

Patrick D. McKown
Samuel DeFazio
Jean E. McKown
2723 116th Ave.
Allegan, MI  49010    616-673-2793