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E-M:/ Saginaw area air toxics....Heads UP!!

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

SUBJECT:   Plastech Engineering and their proposal to
increase permissible emissions of toxic air contaminants, Saginaw, MI

Curiosity this morning about a MDEQ toxicology review of the
chemical compound 10,10' oxybisphenoxyarsine brings information
about a company, Plastech Engineering, that proposes to increase
permissible amounts of air discharges of this toxic air contaminant.

Plastech is located about a mile ENE of the intersection of I-75 and
M-46 near Saginaw [725 East Morely Dr., Saginaw, MI 48601]

10,10' oxybisphenoxyarsine is likely to be a fairly nasty toxicant and 
bioaccumulative toxic material.  It is in the category of organo-metallic 
and the metal in this one is arsenic.

Plastech uses 10,10' oxybisphenoxyarsine in a vinyl laminating and coating
operation.   Some information I have indicates that an intended use of
10,10' oxybisphenoxyarsine is as a biocide for vinyl applications, intended 
to prevent
fungi and bacteria from attacking vinyl......[....and yet another reason to
get cloth seats in your car!!]

Plastech is proposing to double its permissible emissions of
this airborne toxicant from its current 4.5 tons per year to
9.3 tons per year.   They also seek an increase in their short
term emission limitation from 1.95 lbs/hour to 2.21 lbs/hour.

Citizens in the Saginaw area concerned about toxic air
contaminants and those concerned statewide about
persistent bioaccumulative toxic air contaminants should
pay attention to this one.

For anyone wishing to pursue this I have the name of the
MDEQ air permit engineer and the toxicologist working on
this permit application.

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