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Re: E-M:/ tires for mulch? (fwd)

To answer a couple of questions re tires:
Some school yards use tire mulch to keep the kids safe from playground equipment falls.  Tires work upwards in landfills, because of their strength and the constant traffic in the landfill makes the ground shake.  Any wiggle will allow the tires to regain their original shape, hence moving upward.  If they were made of lead, they would presumable sink, but.. well anyway, you get the picture.  As to the likelihood of fires, unless you intentionally use a fuel to get it started, your backyard is not likely to go up in black smoke.  Cigarettes can be put out, dropped on, etc., without care.  If one looks at the history of most tire fires, they occur under suspicious conditions if you get my drift.  Mich had a legislative effort about 15 years ago to recycle tires into crumb rubber  that would be reused in a number of resin products from gears to bumpers, etc.