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Subject: FYI: Lake Superior Waterkeeper to be 100th keeper
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We are sending you the following press release from the Waterkeeper
Alliance, announcing their 100th keeper; The Lake Superior Waterkeeper.



Waterkeeper Alliance Membership Reaches Triple Digits

Waterkeeper Alliance announces that on February 24th it licensed five new
Waterkeepers in the United States and Canada.  With the new programs,
Waterkeeper has expanded to over 100 waterkeepers patrolling waterways
across the globe and one of the fastest growing grass-roots environmental

The Waterkeeper movement is an environmental "neighborhood watch" program, a
citizen's patrol to protect communities and the waters upon which they
depend.  It is the international center of a network of Waterkeeper
programs.  Through advocacy, litigation, and educational programs,
Waterkeeper Alliance elevates the common voice of the local Waterkeepers and
the waterways they protect.

"With a triple-digit membership and Waterkeepers on 5 of the 7 continents,
Waterkeeper Alliance is a leading force for watershed protection.  As an
organization, we send a clear message to everyone, worldwide, that we will
work tirelessly to protect our communities' waterways and preserve them for
future generations," says Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper

The Lake Superior Waterkeeper became the 100th program, and with over 30,000
square miles of surface area, Lake Superior is the single biggest expanse of
fresh water in the world.  Its clear water is home to spectacular diversity
of wildlife, including world-famous trout, pike and walleye fisheries.  But
myriad threats add up to a critical need for strong advocacy and swift
action to protect the Lake.

"We credit Waterkeeper Alliance for putting together such a solid model for
water resource protection," said Bob Olsgard, the new Lake Superior
Waterkeeper and Lake Superior Alliance Coordinator.  "This Waterkeeper
program will allow us to capitalize upon our current monitoring, research
and educational successes with a clear formula for increased advocacy, media
exposure and, if necessary, legal action to protect this Lake."

The other programs approved Monday by Waterkeeper Alliance's Board of
Directors include Bow Riverkeeper in Alberta, Canada, Wabash Riverkeeper in
Indiana, Choctawhatchee Riverkeeper in Alabama and Muskegon Riverkeeper in
Michigan.  For more information about our work in your community, or how to
establish a new Waterkeeper organization, please visit our website at
www.waterkeeper.org <http://www.waterkeeper.org>.

Bob Olsgard, Coordinator
The Lake Superior Alliance
PO Box 472
Spooner, WI 54801
715-635-8171 561-760-6132(FAX)
888-281-1735(Toll Free)

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