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E-M:/ Where's Jennifer? Where's Mike?

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Yet another state [California] challenges the Bush Administration
trashing of the Clean Air Act.....(See below)..... on the heals of 
doing the same thing....

Where's Jennifer G. and Mike C.?   Still missing from the action....??

Jennifer G. can help atone for all of the legal heavy lifting
she did for John Engler.    Also, will Jennifer Granholm help elevate
the environment and the response to the Bush attack with some of
the national stature she is gaining?   It is all part of the "Does the
Democratic Party have any leaders anymore? question.....

And Mike Cox  can, perhaps, demonstrate that
as a Republican he has some independence and some of what
made Bill Milliken so attractive to Michigan citizens......This is Mike Cox's
opportunity to lose.....and to show that he, as a Republican, doesn't
agree with the G. W. Bush effort to gut all of our national environmental

Also, to all of the enviro's out there.....   We've got to place expectations
on Mike Cox when it comes to environmental protection and not
merely think that Jennifer has all the action cornered.    As I recall,
Cox has even given public deference to Frank Kelley's long hold on the AG
office.    Can Mike Cox fill Frank's shoes when
it comes to AG involvements with environmental issues?   Will Michigan
environmental and conservation organizations do effective tracking of
environmental/conservation activities of Mike Cox's tenure as Michigan AG?

Stay tuned as only time will tell......


Attorney General Bill Lockyer
California Department of Justice
IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       Contact:    Tom
February 27, 2003       03-022
(916) 324-5500

Plan Reduces Pollution Control Rules for Power Plants, Manufacturers

(SACRAMENTO) - Attorney General Bill Lockyer issued the following
statement on the petition filed today by his office challenging the Bush
Administration's plan to reduce pollution control requirements for power
plants and manufacturers that make major modifications to their
facilities.  The petition was filed with the federal appeals court in
Washington D.C. on behalf of the people of California and the state Air
Resources Board.

"The Bush plan endangers California's own, more stringent program to
control emissions from older facilities that produce more air pollution.
  To borrow Bush's Orwellian name for his air pollution policies, the
Administration proposal jeopardizes the progress we have made to produce
'clear skies' in California. As a result, it undermines the state's
efforts to protect our children and elderly from the health hazards
associated with air pollution.  We cannot afford to let that happen.

"To maintain our 'new source review' program, we would have to show
that each set of rules in the state's 35 air quality districts is
stricter than the federal plan, even though our rules, on their face,
are tougher than the Bush regulations.  In the meantime, we would be
forced to start implementing the weaker federal requirements.

"This is just one example of a much broader Bush plan to roll back
existing environmental protections and encroach on California's
authority to enforce its own laws.  The Administration can try to make
its policies more attractive by dressing them up as 'Healthy Forests'
and 'Clear Skies.'  We're not fooled.  And we're not lying down."

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