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E-M:/ Michigan resources for corn gluten meal

Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>


To all the inquires regarding my previous post:

Here are some resources for getting more info on corn gluten meal as a
non-toxic, pre-emergent weed suppressant and where to obtain it in

A couple of things of which you should be aware:

You must apply it in very early Spring, in order to wait at least 6 weeks
before planting any desirable seeds. Also note, it will not harm existing
seedlings, shrubs, trees, grass, etc. and as pure corn gluten meal is 10%
nitrogen, that should be taken into account with any subsequent fertilizer

I would recommend experimenting first on a small section if you are using
it within a vegetable or flower garden to suppress weeds, prior to your
sowing of the vegetable or flower seeds. Recommended starting application
rate is 20 pounds per 1,000 ft2, so you would not need very much with
which to experiment on a small section. 

Note, that application rate is for pure corn gluten meal. Some companies
which bag it for agricultural use, add about 90% oyster shells and calcium
carbonate for additional calcium and the application rate is much higher.
As you can add your own calcium if needed, much cheaper, buying it that
way is not very economical.

Also note, you will pay a higher price for pure corn gluten meal if you
buy it bagged for agricultural use, rather than bagged as an animal feed

Here are two local sources:

Allemon's Landscape Center
17727 Mack Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48224
(313) 882-9085

Uncle Luke's Feed Store 
6691 Livernois 
Troy, Michigan

Here are some mail order sources which also have excellent printed 
catalogs they will mail you, on other aspects of organic gardening:

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
The biggest and best supplier in the USA for organic gardening/farming
supplies. Just reading their catalog is a great learning experience.

Planet Natural
http:// www.planetnatural.com
All kinds of organic supplies besides gardening; a very 
unusual and interesting company with very reasonable prices.

More sources bagged for agricultural use:

Corn Gluten Meal Licensees

If you wish to buy it cheaper and/or in larger quantities bagged 
for animal use, most animal feed stores can get it for you:

Michigan Horse & Livestock Feed Stores

Lycos Yellow Pages
Do a search for 'farm supply' in Michigan.

To learn more on how to use corn gluten meal:

Corn Gluten Meal Research Page

A partial listing of weed seeds that are suppressed:
This is one of the companies that adds calcium
and buying from them is not very economical.

I am still not certain of where to find an all inclusive list which is
divided into annual and perennial weed seeds that pure corn gluten meal
will suppress and have written Dr. Nick Christians who did the original
research at Iowa State University, regarding this question and hopefully,
an answer will be forthcoming.

Lowell Prag

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