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E-M:/ The need for a re-democratization of science is pressing and urgentin Michigan.


An old proverb says 'Whomever Might Perfume a Scorpion, Will Not Thereby Escape its Sting'

The need for a re-democratization of science is pressing and urgent in Michigan.

Environmental degradation through 'good science'.
So called 'Good Science' has no moral compass, however, it has in a way has been embraced as a sort of national or state "religion/belief system" by some citizens and many of our political leaders, apparently to simply decision making.  Many of our most important societal decisions have been made with very little input from the public, the public is treated as not knowing its own mind, or what's best for it- much like so many other fundamentally totalitarian regimes and "isims".  It should be remembered Reductionist Western Science is merely a tool to examine the universe, and not the only or necessarily the best way to go about it or the only world view.  Western science dogma is based on saving man from nature, rather than saving man in and with nature; an older and more orthodox world view.  Not everything that is new is necessarily better.  "Science" is not always ethical, Tuskegee- ' Public Health' human experimentation with STD'S , or always right, Thalidomide and Neutron bombs for example.  The dehumanazation and  desanctifacation of man and the environment is advancing at breakneck speed.  Science does not allow for systems science such Integrated Biological Cybernetics or abstract concepts such as 'love' or 'God' because no one knows what compound they are made of, what they weigh or what space they occupy at any given point in space and time.  However some people think both God and love exist. Regarding a genetically engineered food supply; when we are told that land grant university scientists have become the ' the new business managers of evolution' it is very hard for me to imagine the individuals that I have met and accept that this is true, I think the job is already taken.  When land grant university employees and Michigan Department of Agriculture the so called 'experts' show a species of arrogant contempt when they factually misrepresent EPA pesticide label information and continually misrepresent pesticide 'Safety' information.  A constellation of human health and collateral damage to the environment occurs only to be further defended in a quasi-scientific 'you can't pin that on me copper,!" sort of way.  In my opinion having public employees acting as pro-pesticide, pro-GMO propagandists is not an appropriate role for federally and state funded entities in my estimation.  Factual information is a requirement for informed consent decision making, not the filtered and dissected tripe that is the product being feed the media and public without its permission or knowledge at this time.  We are all feeling the sting of these decisions as we are forced to care for the ill our family, our friends, our neighbors and enjoy decreased quality of life as a result of decisions that have been made not by us, but for us.  It has become critical to regain scientific litteracy or face the consequences.


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