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E-M:/ Bottle Bill Hearing Tonight

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Bottle Bill Industry Challenge Tonight
Don’t Trash Michigan Campaign Targets Oakland County Hearing

On Monday, March 3, 2003 from 7pm-9pm in Rochester a coalition of more than two dozen groups will urge the Republicans’ Michigan Beverage Container and Recycling Task Force to expand Michigan’s successful Bottle Bill and support stronger measures to improve the state’s other recycling programs during a public hearing  in Oakland County.
The Don’t Trash Michigan coalition will also remind the task force that objections to expanding the Bottle Bill that are now being raised by industry representatives are the same ones Michiganders heard 27 years ago when they overwhelmingly approved the returnable bottle proposal.  None of the industry’s dire predictions at that time have come true. The industry will be challenged to stop ‘crying wolf’ and to support expanding Michigan’s bottle bill to include bottled water, juice and other containers.

WHO:           Republican Bottle Bill Task Force, Don’t Trash Michigan coalition, beverage  industry.

WHAT:         Only scheduled public hearing in southeast Michigan on bottle bill expansion.

WHERE:       Oakland University, Gold Room, Oakland Center Upper Level,  Rochester.

WHEN:        7-9pm

VISUALS:      The Don’t Trash Michigan Crying Wolf, Bottle Bill support signs, banner.

More information on Don’t Trash Michigan campaign:  www.stoptrash.org

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