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E-M:/ water shutoff meeting in Highland Park Thursday, 5-7pm

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

There will be a meeting to discuss and strategize
about the water shut-offs that are occuring in
Highland Park, MI. Highland Park is one of the
economically poorest cities in the state. A state
appointed operator is running the city, and has
instituted a high-pressure collection on water bills
in the city. Members of HP's water dept, city council,
state appointed administration, fire dept,
DTE/consumers energy, FIA, and Legal Services will be
present to talk briefly about what they are doing to
help/exacerbate the problem. 

The meeting is at 5-7 pm, on March 6
It is being held at Greater St. Matthews Baptist
Church, 396 Labelle St. (6 blocks north of Davison,
off Hamilton). 

Cutting off people's water is more than just a human
rights issue. It is an environmental issue as
well-people are forced to make really bad lifestyle
choices just to get by, are unable to clean themselves
properly, and forced to get water in unsafe manners. 

Here are some facts (sorry if they dont flow all that
Highland Park is being forced into the ground by the
state government in Lansing. They have excessive
amounts of water in their resevoir, but would rather
conjure up schemes to sell the excess rather than to
give it to people who need it. The state will take
control of the city, removing any control the
residents could possibly have in a "democracy," but
will not spend any money to fix up public
infrastructure. THe pipes are so leaky, there is
hardly any pressure coming from the fire hydrants.
When one house burns, blocks burn, routinely. The
state has hired a guy from Atlanta to run the water
department (at $90,000 a year for 2.5 days of work a
week), and all he can think of is to step up
collection of balances. Some people did not even get
bills for several cycles, then are hit with 2-3
quarters  worth of bills, others are being charged for
water they could not have possibly used (read charged
for water leaking from pipes outside their homes),
etc. Also note that Atlanta's water system was
privatized by United Water a few years ago, and just
last month they kicked UW out for destroying the
system. Detroit's Water Department is a former
executive of United Water. The HP and Detroit water
departments are tied, even if they are separate

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