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Re: E-M:/ No More "Coat Tails" for Russ Harding

While I have the utmost respect for Dave Zaber, I must disagree about sleeping with dogs. I know nothing about Ms. Buhl but I feel compelled to comment on Dave's blanket statement.
As many of you know, Saginaw and Midland are dealing with extensive dioxin contamination from Dow Chemical.  Local citizens and enviros alike have witnessed first hand the slime, lies, corruption and contempt for the public under the (alleged) leadership of Russ Harding. However, within the agency we found so many committed, dedicated servants of the people; DEQ staffers who trusted the public, respected our right to be heard, shared their science, knowledge and expertise at all times. There were many agency people who quietly gave us information, pointed us in the right direction.  Ultimately we were able to mount a successful legal challenge to Harding's "sweetheart deal" for Dow.  They stepped up to the plate at the most critical times. I won't insult our canine companions by calling Harding a dog, but I assure you not everyone in the DEQ has fleas.

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council