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E-M:/ .....Need assistance to identify a certain EM list registrant

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Dear Enviro-Mich participants:

I regret having to post a message about this on
the list, but at this writing I don't have any recourse.

I am being bombarded by multiple error messages
for every single message sent out on Enviro-Mich that
are being forwarded to the following person:


This address is not subscribed to EM, but someone else unknown to me and to 
that person has apparently erected a forwarding link to this address who
is subscribed to EM.   The error messages provide
no clue as to who that subscribed person is and
the IT administrators at natureconsult.com cannot seem
to either figure out or find out who is doing the forwarding,
even as their email servers are timing out and causing
the multiple error messages.

There isn't any more frustrating, aggravating and time
consuming problem caused for me as Listmanager of EM
than people who set up difficult to impossible to trace
forwarding links from addresses that are subscribed to
forwarding addresses that are not.....and then the
forwarding addresses start kicking out multiple
error messages for every single message circulating on EM
and I have no way of knowing which address to cut off the
list to solve the problem......ARG!!!!!   Something as
mundane as letting the forwarded to account fill up to
capacity can often cause this type of error message barrage.

The hard cases of these problems typically consume anywhere
from 0.5 to 1.5 hours of wading through error messages, attempts
to analyze/guess the forwarding link, sending out test messages
to veryify the link, phone calls, WHOIS sessions, internet searching to 
guess link
connections, searching the list for character strings, etc. etc. etc., on 
and on, ad nauseum.....

I'm now getting about 1-3 of these hard cases every week.

It always seems to me that these types of problems are
caused by persons at large institutions or profit making
entities.....universities, consulting firms and corporations.

Please note that the overwhelming primary purpose and near-sole motivation 
of  the EM list is to serve the information needs of grassroots
activists and environmental organization volunteers.  Anyone
else in any other group is here only by the graces of the
collective volunteer effort/resources of the Michigan environmental 
movement to maintain this public forum.   When list participants from large 
non-environmental organizations, consulting firms and profit making 
entities create these kinds  of problems, this constitutes an unreasonable 
and unacceptable imposition on volunteer resources that run this list.

Alex Sagady
EM Listmanager and Volunteer
Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

Environmental Enforcement, Permit/Technical Review, Public Policy,
Evidence Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
Prospectus at:  http://www.sagady.com/sagady.pdf

PO Box 39,  East Lansing, MI  48826-0039
(517) 332-6971; (517) 332-8987 (fax); ajs@sagady.com

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