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Dear Mr.Link,

A topic for the Campus Sustainability workshop meeting? Do State of Michigan's College Campuses meet the minimal requirements of a written school IPM for its campus as required by law?

Michigan Department of Agriculture,  School Integrated Pest Management rules and regulations were put into place a decade ago to protect, students, staff and visitors from pesticide exposure. However, it seems that there has been little or no enforcement consequently the 'spray and pray mentality' is still in place in many dorms, food service areas, classrooms and laboratories.   If the university administration can not produce a written School IPM plan immediately upon request, perhaps students , staff,  or concerned parents should find out why teaching and living environment facilities on campus have not taken this most remedial public safety action and to show by example a safe and easily maintained at a reduced cost.  This information is your right to know under Michigan and Federal right to Know Law's, or can be FOIAed.  

To factually examine the authenticity and sustainability progress each campus has made will you please publicly post these IPM plans on this list serve. Ideal would be a copy of each Schools written IPM Plan, date of implementation and approval as required by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  If not find out why our esteemed teaching institution have decided not to operate within the rules of the State of Michigan government.  This has been a requirement in the State of Michigan, since 1995 however I have yet to obtain one after many requests from any collage campus in MIchigan, even several of the ones identified as meeting attendees.  I have a son nearing collage age and as a parent I feel its important to no what sort of toxic environment I am sending my son into when he leaves our home.   Pesticide use is an oil base technology, soon we will fight a war over this non-sustainable energy source.  The non-pesticide pest management technology largely being ignored by MSU and often being repressed by MSU Extension results less than 1% is used in Michigan, a self fulfilling prophecy.  MSU and MSUE is nationally renowned for its pesticide apologist efforts.  Biological control is a sustainable technology Integrated Biological Cybernetics that could be used on campus but it has been grossly under utilized.  Students, staff , visitors - any one that has Asthma, Lupus, on Chemotherapy, with a immune issue is put at risk each day this antiquated thinking remains intact.

Perhaps this School IPM plan could be considered for this conference as critical issue.  To fix this sustainabilty problem on hand before moving on to other issues might be prudent.  I respectfully request this issue be raised to all conference attendees.  

Terry do you know if MSU campus dorms still hold its cockroach races each year? A testament to the inefficiency of chemical pesticide management, without even considering the enormous collateral damage to non-targets like student and the world around us.  Cognitive learning disability, reproductive anomalies and a constellation of other health problems have been linked to
pesticide use even at the "recommended'" rates of application.

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Link, Terry wrote:

Representatives from 13 colleges from Michigan plus Antioch, Indiana U., and Middlebury have signed up for our statewide workshop on building a network between campuses to enhance campus sustainability at all universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges in Michigan. The workshop scheduled for Thursday March 13 from 9:00am-4:00pm will be held on the MSU campus. There is still time to register by faxing the registration form http://www.ecofoot.msu.edu/files/pdfs/finalconference.pdf  to me by 5:00pm tomorrow. You can pay at the door, but I need to let the lunch providers how many are coming by Monday morning.


Attendees from





Oakland CC

Grand Rapids CC

Lansing CC

Kalamazoo College




Oakland U



Please share with friends and colleagues you might know from any of the other colleges in the state who you think might be interested.



Terry Link, Director

Office of Campus Sustainability

525 S. Kedzie

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824