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E-M:/ Michigan Public Officials Commonly Misrepresent Pesticide Label Information,suppress safer alternatives.


Michigan Public Officials Commonly Misrepresent Pesticide Label Information, (They make "safety" claims that are prohibited to pesticide applicators or pesticide manufacturers). These Publicly Funded Pesticide Apologists are also actively repressing and disparaging safer pest management such as Biological Control to Promote, Endorse, and Act as Marketing Agents for Pesticides and GMO life forms. (something they claim they never do) Why are we as Michigan residents underwriting this corporate welfare?  Why are Michigan citizens not receiving the benefits and protections afforded them by law?  Why is the government selling anything?

Pesticide risk trivialazation for marketing reasons are not welcome.

It is worth looking a little closer to home if you are concerned about you or your family getting exposed to toxic substances,
without your knowledge or permission.  MSU press releases and comments from MSU Extension and MDA Field Agents  factually misrepresent the warning information on EPA registered pesticide labels.  Comments made at public meeting we have atended are not on the label of any pesticide products made by any manufacturer, these safety assurances are not factual but are made in an effort to encourage pesticide use, we think this is not in the publics best interest.  Both MDA enforcement and US EPA enforcement have said they will not enforce the law, rules and regulation against public employees because the are not "selling" or encouraging the use of pesticides, however one did say sarcastically "shame on them".  

Anyone who had ever had the experience of asking for a pest management strategy from of an MSU Extension agent or MDA field representative is likely to have been given a chemical pesticide recommendation. They are seldom if ever given their biological control options or other alternatives, Why?  The fact is biological control is the very engine that drives the planet, with one of the best safety records and cost benefit records of any human enterprise, a client of our was recently told by a State of Michigan public employee this chestnut " If biological control actually worked everyone would all be using it" (we all are- its called nature or the environment), this affordable, sustainable technology is being officially discouraged by State of Michigan employees despite supportive lip service. In effect are we are being told the environment does not work or that its to risky to use? What?  As a nation we will need this technology when oil supplies, the raw material for pesticide is restricted, like at the present time for example. Best Wishes.

Samuel DeFazio, Praxis 2723 116 th Avenue, Allegan MI 49010   269-673-2793  http://www.praxis-ibc.com

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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 10:46 AM
Subject: Misrepresentation of pesticide label information by public officials.

Official misrepresentation of pesticide label information.

Dear Mr. Bailey and Mr. James Jones Pesticide Section Chief,

Where is our requested written response (request made 10/16/01) to your claim that EPA enforcement division is completely helpless to prevent public employees from misrepresenting pesticide label information and pesticide label warnings when promoting and endorsing (A.K.A. Selling) pesticide use to the public (both in writing and verbally at public meetings)?  You told me that it is your opinion that EPA has no authority or enforcement responsibility; that you would double check this with enforcement and respond promptly. You have certainly had enough time to get any copies of information previously sent to Praxis on this subject.  This is a time sensitive issue please respond as soon as possible.


Samuel DeFazio


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