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Re: E-M:/ Sierra Club SEMG presents West Nile Virus Forum April3

Dear Ms. LaFrance and all. 

It might be instructive to attend and request the the MSDS and pesticide
label that is being proposed for delivery onto your property, and in your
neighborhoods and homes.  In sixteen years, we have yet to obtain a copy of a pesticide label 
at any meeting that we have attended- Praxis think this is odd.  If you request a copy to be sent
to you it somehow never arrives, why is that? However, we have herd absurd, non factual claims 
of "safety" about pesticides at public meetings including harmless, safe, safe 
when used as directed, safe at the low dose that it is being applied at and
so on Ad Nauseum. None of these claims are factual and are prohibited under
FIFRA but not enforced in the State of Michigan.  All pesticides are killing agents
by definition they are not "safe", you do not need to be hospitalized to be harmed.
See if you can find any of these descriptive words on the label of any pesticide label.
A pesticide label is a legal instrument; demand facts, not personal opinion being offered
up as fact, apparently this trivialazation of pesticide risk is a State of Michigan policy 
decision that not many members of the public are aware of, work for change.

There is often a certain amount of fear mongering associated with the comments
by "experts" and State of Michigan employees about the problem (West Nile, Gypsy Moth, etc.)
as the public is shepherded towards pesticide use.  Other effective and viable strategies are most 
often not mentioned at all, but if they are brought up at all are often discouraged or denigrated.  
"Experts" in Michigan have failed to objectively examine non-pesticide alternatives despite
the general publics clearly enunciated interest in pesticide use reduction.  Pesticide alternatives
do exist and they should be identifed and examined in a fair and equal way.

A Mosquito Pesticide Used in Michigan in 2002 and called "SAFE" by public officials

Anvil is a trade name for a class of pesticides called Pyrethroids that 
were being sprayed for mosquitoes in Lapeer County last year and will be 
proposed for use in Oakland County and elsewhere in 2003. Unfortunately, 
the public was told by pesticide vendors and public officials, 
apparently to promote the sale of this spray management strategy, that 
these products are "safe". Here is some factual information from a 
standard reference text "Basic Guide to Pesticides- Their 
Characteristics and Hazards" by Shirley A. Briggs 1996 ISBN 
1-56032-253-5 about It reads as follows, MODE of ACTION: Pyrethroids 
inhibit sodium and potassium conduction in nerve cells and blocks nerve 
impulse transmission. Many times pyrethroids are mixed with piperonyl 
butoxide in formulations. Immediate effects: Symptoms are similar to DDT 
poisoning. T- syndrome: tremors; exaggerated startled response; 
hypothermia. CS-syndrome: excessive; writhing and salivation, deceased 
startle response; increased adrenaline and blood sugar. OTHER POSSIBLE 
EFFECTS: convulsions; diarrhea; headache; vomiting; labored breathing; 
excessive mucous discharge; irritability; sweating; sudden swelling of 
the face; eyelids; lips; mouth and throat tissues. Hay fever like 
symptoms; elevated pulse. LONG TERM EFFECTS: Suspect mutagens; suspect 
teratogens; suspect carcinogens; immunotoxin; decreased hormone release 
from the brain; some effects may be cumulative. ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS: 
Highly toxic to fish, bees, and aquatic arthropods. 

Samuel M. DeFazio
2723 116th Ave
Allegan, MI  49010    616-673-2793

Mary La France wrote:
Sierra Club Southeast Michigan Group 

West Nile Virus Forum

A discussion about the health impacts of the West Nile Virus
and proposed mosquito control programs

Thursday, April 3, 2003
7:00 p.m.

(Sierra Club SEMG General Membership Meeting)


   Jack Ebright, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, 
Division of Infectious Diseases, Wayne State University

Oakland County Health Department 

Ray Meeseman, Raymeeseman Company

Robin Hayes, Envirobat and Bat Conservation of Michigan

Laura Erpelding, People Against Chemical Contamination

Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church
23925 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI

Take the southbound service drive between Southfield and Evergreen Road, 
and between 9 and 10 Mile Roads