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E-M:/ Granholm's Smart Growth council

Gov. Granholm's Michigan Land Use Leadership Council meets for the first time in Lansing on Monday. The Institute just posted its latest piece, which describes the council as the most prominent state-sanctioned effort in nearly three decades to solve sprawl. Moreover, the Institute's reporting predicts that the council has a much greater chance for success than the last attempt in the 1970s. The reason: Gov. Granholm and senior Republican legislators say that a new design for growth is urgent, and panel members interviewed by the Institute said they need each other to get anything useful accomplished. Gov. Granholm is scheduled to personally open the proceedings and charge the panel with its mission.
See the article here: http://www.mlui.org/growthmanagement/fullarticle.asp?fileid=16459

We are closely covering the council's work on our Web site and invite all of you to keep a close watch on www.mlui.org. Thanks, Keith Schneider.