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E-M:/ Tuesday Townhall Meeting with Bob Ficano, new Wayne County Exec

New Wayne County Executive, Bob Ficano, will host a two hour town
meeting this Tuesday, March 25, at 6:30 PM at Taylor City Council, on Goddard, 2 blocks east of Telegraph.

This is a great opportunity to have a meaningful and positive exchange
with  Mr. Ficano. We have some strong feelings. Good ideas. And we need
the full participation of the County Executive to improve our community.

This is a great chance to share with Mr. Ficano how we feel about issues

Riverview Trenton Railroad
Countywide Landfill
Humbug Marsh
Clean Air along the River
Homeland Security
Ethics in County Government
Deep Injection Well
The new International Wildlife Refuge -- owned by the County
The Greenways.
you name it.

The format is wide open. Two days later Mr. Ficano will deliver his first state of the County  Address. There are no guarantees, we will see a  forum like this again. We should make it a win-win opportunity.

Blair Mc Gowan