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E-M:/ West Nile Management in West Michigan , Allegan County Communitiesadopt Safer Biological Meathods.

Enviro-Mich message from Praxis <praxis1986@triton.net>

The "Alleagn County News" Wednesday March 25, 2003 front page article 
describes community based concerns for managing mosquito vectored 
diseases, EEE, St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile, etc.  Allegan County 
is a highly agricultural county with plenty of ideal breeding habitat 
for Mosquitoes. However, no community has made a pesticide spray 
management decision to date.  All management decisions so far have been 
for the use of biological control management strategies, specifically 
long term, sustainable management based on biology not chemistry, called 
Integrated Biological Cybernetics.  All life stages are targeted, eggs, 
larvae, pupa, and adults.  Mosquito predators, parasitoids, parasites, 
disease, traps, and stealth devices are being employed, and nothing is 
immune or can grow resistant to being eaten.

Confidence in this approach is based on Allegan Counties fantastic 
success using a similar approach with Gypsy Moth, more than 50,000 
residents in West Michigan opted out of the State of Michigan pesticide 
spray recommendations, saved about ninety cents on the dollar, did not 
spray, not once, and in the opinion of the local residents did a better 
job of managing Gypsy Moth than communities that did spray and saw 
mediocre to poor results. The cities of Allegan, Wayland, Saugatuck, 
Douglas, and more than a dozen townships saw wonderful results, and won 
awards for "Cost Saving and Innovation" from the Michigan Municipal 
League, Keep Michigan Beautiful Award, and maintained their State of 
Michigan Record Trees and tree city status under the National Arbor Day 
Foundation.  People who may want a copy of the article can obtain it by 
contacting for the WEST NILE lead story-

Allegan County News
Kaechlee Publications
P.O. Box 189
231 Trowbridge Street, Suite 17
Allegan MI, 49010-0189                269-673-5534   email@allegannews.com


Samuel DeFazio, Praxis 2723 116th Ave Allegan, MI  49010  616-673-2793 
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