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E-M:/ Environmental betrayals in Michigan.

Environmental betrayals in Michigan.

The people best able to betray us are the people to whom we assign the greatest love, trust and respect.  No one can cut us more deeply or abandon us to desperation about the future more completely than honored public employees, teachers and scientists to whom we have given in trust, a significant component of our children's future.  We should listen and contemplate what we are told by these so called experts, but now is the time to apply more critical observation to and take action on actions and accomplishments not self serving institutional rhetoric.  We are being lead like jackasses chasing a dangled carrot by promises of future scientific accomplishments that are too long in coming.  Much like the promise of heaven was used by the church of the middle ages to mold individual behavior despite outrageous daily insults, depravation, denial, and suffering.

It is time to strengthen our resolve and dissect and re-invent our universities that frequently express a species of contempt for the average citizen, to boot out the cancerous corporate interests and turn them back into teaching institutions working in the interests of the public that funds them.  Also a careful reexamination of State of Michigan units of government replacing those employee who's self serving interests exceed those of our children's safety.  Personally I have never met so many remarkable cowards, unwilling and apparently frightened to do the job they were hired for in my entire life.  Today some environment crisis are real enough but others are inventions and relatively easily solved. However, a decision has been made in the State of Michigan to maintain them.  To control by withholding answers to gain more research money while people suffer, this is not acceptable.  This primate problem is far more difficult than the actual solution to many of the purposeful environmental constructs that are being used to manipulate our democratically elected representatives and the public through misrepresenting the facts, fear and intimidation.  This intellectual thugery and deceit is harming and weakening our great nation, may God help us and protect us from evil.


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