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E-M:/ Potential public health threat from Dairy CAFO

Enviro-Mich message from Kathy Melmoth <melmoth@dmci.net>

There is a potential public health and environmental threat developing 
in Hillsdale County related to millions of gallons of contaminated water 
around the Vreba Hoff 2 Dairy CAFO facility.
To see pictures go to:
Lime Lake is a small lake community with many residents living on the 
lake all year. It is about 1/2 mile downstream from Vreba-Hoff 2 dairy 
CAFO. There is great concern that this contaminated water might be 
getting into Lime Lake inlets from this facility. Members of ECCSCM are 
concerned that this contaminated water might have animal waste in it and 
that it is a risk to the wells of Lime Lake residents.

Animal waste from CAFOs poses a great risk for zoonotic diseases 
(diseases that animals transmit to humans). Such diseases include 
Salmonella, Collibacillosis (from strains of E.coli), 
Campylobacteriosis, Cryptosporidiosis, to name a few. The elderly, 
children and people with impaired immune systems are at greatest risk.

The CDC has information on Zoonotic diseases from CAFOs: 

Kathy Melmoth, RN

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