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Enviro-Mich message from "Eric Uram" <eric.uram@sierraclub.org>

An appeal to everyone to get involved in protecting everyone's health by
ensuring improvements in air quality ---  

Your chance to vote on this important referendum by participating in the
EPA hearings is critical.  

If the shortened lives and health care issues caused by air pollution
were occurring inside polluters’ own facilities, we wouldn’t be having
this debate.  But because random customers of theirs get impacted by the
pollution, they can call it the cost of doing business and even get
National and state leadership to call for allowable increases in their

We can’t let polluters get away with winning this important debate.  

Pollution control means jobs, economic activity and improved health for
everyone.  More pollution means increased profits for polluters and
increased health problems and costs for society.  

Please take the time to show up for an hour at 4:45 PM Monday, March 31
at the hearing in Romulus (see details below).  

I’m sure you know someone that has asthma or another lung disease.
Isn’t it time to act?

We have the technology to help eliminate this health problem.  
We owe it to future generations to continue to improve air quality.  
Your voice can make the difference.


We Need Sierra Club Activists to Attend the EPA Hearing on Proposed
Changes to the Clean Air Act!
Monday, March 31, 9 am to 10 pm at 
Crown Plaza Hotel
8000 Merriman Road
Romulus, MI 48174
Issue Summary
The EPA is proposing a change in the Clean Air Act that could end up
permanently exempting many of the oldest and most polluting power plants
and other industrial facilities from ever having to use modern pollution
control technology or cut their pollution levels.  Facilities would be
allowed to make significant upgrades and changes to their facilities as
long as the changes are under a certain dollar amount, even if they
increase their pollution levels!  Facilities would be able to piece by
piece rebuild their entire plant without ever having to use the modern
pollution control technologies that a plant built today would use.
Your participation
We'd like you to be there any time that is good for you.  However, if
it's possible, we'd like you to join an enviro rally at the Hearing at
5 pm.  If you can arrive a little early for that, we're planning a "honk
if you're for clean air" effort with passers by.  Sierra Club will have
a banner "Clean air Not polluted power" 
We also need to turn out as many folks as possible for after-work
testimony.  A statement along the following lines would be perfect:
“I am strongly opposed to the proposed rule changes.  Michigan is
already facing a public health crisis because of unsafe levels of air
pollution.  These changes would make it possible for old, dirty power
plants and other industrial facilities to increase their pollution
levels, making our pollution and health problems even worse.”
In other words, we want it to be clear that this is our vote for clean
air.  Rapid fire testimony, where folks only deliver a sentence or two
(or a little more if they chose) to tell the administration they oppose
any weakening of the Clean Air Act and that public health shouldn't be
sacrificed.  The more folks of our persuasion attending and delivering
their message through this "live voice vote on a referendum for clean
air" approach, the more likely that we win the day in the media and the
reports that follow.
Attached are other ways in which you can make your voice heard short of
attending the hearing.
Thanks for your consideration and we hope to see you there.
Lydia Fischer
Mackinac Chapter ExCom


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