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E-M:/ "PR Watch" editor to speak April 4 at MSU

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Beth Doyle <marybeth@ecocenter.org>

Join us for a brown-bag lecture and discussion with Sheldon Rampton,
editor of PR Watch and co-author of "Trust us, We're Experts: How
Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future" and "Toxic
Sludge is Good for You."

WHEN: Friday, April 4, at noon.
WHERE: Room 236 of the Communication Arts Building at MSU in East Lansing.
WHAT: A brown-bag lecture and discussion. Bring your lunch. Drinks
and cookies will be provided. This event is free and open to the

In their new book, "Trust Us, We're Experts" Sheldon Rampton and John
Stauber offer a chilling exposÚ on the  manufacturing of "independent
experts." Public relations firms and corporations have seized upon a
slick new way of getting you to buy what they have to sell: Let you
hear it from a neutral "third party," like a professor or a
pediatrician or a soccer mom or a watchdog group. The problem is,
these third parties are  usually anything but neutral. They have been
handpicked, cultivated, and meticulously packaged to make you believe
what they have to say--preferably in an "objective" format like a
news show or a letter to the editor. And in some cases, they have
been paid handsomely for their "opinions."

Destined to be hated by P.R. firms and corporations everywhere,
"Trust Us, We're Experts" is an eye-opening account of how these
entities reshape our reality, manufacture our consent, get us to part
with our money, even change our lives. A whole new spin on spin, it
will forever alter the way we look at news, information, and the
people who serve it up to us.

For more information, email marybeth@ecocenter.org or call
734-663-2400 ext 108.


"Stauber and Rampton have once again exposed the ugly  underbelly of
corporate America's psychological war on our citizens. Trust Us,
We're Experts shows how giant corporations employ sophisticated
psychiatric techniques, unscrupulous public  figures, junk science,
tainted studies and clever PR mercenaries  in a relentless effort to
market products that routinely kill, maim, deform and poison
consumers and our environment."--Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President,
Water Keeper Alliance

"If you want to know how the world wags, and who's wagging it, here's
your answer. Read, get mad, roll up your sleeves, and fight back.
Rampton and Stauber have issued a wake-up call we  can't
ignore."--Bill Moyers

"Trust Us, We're Experts is a brilliant piece of investigative
journalism and a powerful vaccine against the stupifying effects of
the corporate PR machine. Spread it around!"--Barbara Ehrenreich

"If you've ever wanted to see a TV spin doctor hog-tied and dragged
through the streets, Rampton and Stauber do the next best thing. This
book is modern muckraking of the best variety, skewering hype and
showing us how to separate real experts  from snake oil salesmen and
hired corporate know-it-alls."--Jim Hightower

"Finally, a long-overdue expose of the shenanigans and subterfuge
that lie behind the making of experts in America. Stauber and Rampton
take us behind the scenes, inside corporate boardrooms, where
marketing chiefs literally manufacture their own 'independent
experts' to defend their  products and practices. This groundbreaking
book gives us a  first look into the seamy side of corporate public
relations, where  academic experts of every stripe and kind are
bought in various ways. An eye-opener."--Jeremy Rifkin

"Unlike many exposÚs, the book is a page-turner. Once you start, you
will want to read it all. While your heart may sink, your  passions
will be aroused. It is like a sudden awareness that sweeps illusions
away. This is not a casual jeremiad, but a careful, patiently
researched deconstruction of corporate  behavior and their so-called
ethics."--Paul Hawken, author of Ecology of Commerce, Natural

"Rampton and Stauber's book explodes the cult of expertise and shows
how easily the media and their readers can be misled by   public
relations claims masquerading as science. This book  makes the best
case I know for complete disclosure of the financial conflicts of
interest of scientists and the corporate influence on university
research."--Sheldon Krimsky, Professor at Tufts University, author
of: Hormonal Chaos: The Scientific and Social Origins of the
Environmental   Endocrine Hypothesis


Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104

734-663-2400 ext 108
734-663-2414 (fax)


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