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Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Surfus <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>

For your information and hopefully for your action,

Waste Management on Monday applied for an expansion of their Woodland
Meadows landfill in Wayne County.

This landfill has received much out-of-state waste over the years and
mostly Canadian waste.

They are proposing to expand the landfill into a 30-acre wetland area
which is under a conservation easement.  That's right.  We may be losing
wetlands thanks, in part, to out-of-state trash.

During the last expansion under the Engler Administration, the
conservation easement was put in with the permit, but they attached a
loophole so big you could drive a garbage truck through it.  Taken
directly from the easement:  "...if the Solid Waste Management Planning
Agency under Michigan Act 641 determines that there is a compelling public
need to develop all or a portion of the Easement Premises, Grantor shall
not be precluded from applying for or obtaining any Federal or State

In other words, if they get Wayne County to sign off, they can expand into
the wetlands.  Unfortunately, the Wayne County executive Robert McNamara
signed off on this last summer.

There is no way there is a need for this expansion and especially if we
have to lose 30 acres of wetland to get it.

DEQ is taking comments until April 20.

A public hearing is scheduled for May 15.


More info to follow...

Jeff Surfus

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