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E-M:/ CDC Articles on 1993 Milwaukee Cryptosporidium Outbreak

For those interested in what can happen when CAFO operations
discharge animal waste to surface waters with subsequent transport
to public water supply intakes...... what happened in the 1993 Milwaukee, WI with the cryptosporidium outbreak.... [public water supply from Lake Michigan contaminated with animal waste]

Just published by the Centers for Disease Control  publication on
Emerging Infectious Diseases......

The Elderly and Waterborne Cryptosporidium Infection:
Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations before and during
the 1993 Milwaukee Outbreak, E.M. Naumova

Cost of Illness in the 1993 Waterborne
Cryptosporidium Outbreak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
P.S. Corso

[nearly $100 million in costs from this cryptosporidium outbreak]

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