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E-M:/ Detroit Riverkeeper

The Friends of the Detroit River are proud to announce that Robert Burns of Grosse Ile, Michigan has been appointed the first Detroit Riverkeeper.

The Riverkeeper program is part of Robert Kennedy Jr's Waterkeeper's Alliance.
Riverkeepers are citizen advocates for healthy aquatic ecosystems. They serve by monitoring water quality, investigating problems, educating river user groups, and rallying public support for responsible water quality management policies.

Mr. Burns, 45, is a graduate of Kalamazoo College, he has lived his entire life on the Detroit River, as a boy Bob fished, hunted, and explored the numerous islands, marshlands, and man-made reefs in the lower Detroit River. As an adult Bob learned marine engineering from the bottom up. Bob spent many years directing engineering projects for the Dunbar and Sullivan Company, even living for a time on Stoney Island.

Bob is a take-charge kind of guy who has been sickened by the abuses he has witnessed along the river. Living on the river, Bob keeps a boat ready for rapid response to any marine crisis. His plans include investigating point source discharges along the river that have seen little recent supervision, directing a May 10, lower river clean-up, and developing public awareness programs for river neighbors and users.

The Friends of the Detroit River are very proud of our partnership with Bob and our affiliation with the Riverkeeper program. Bob can be reached at subburns@islandconnection.net.

John Covert
Friends of the Detroit River
Riverkeeper Committee
3020 Oakwood, MI 48122