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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I wanted to take this opportunity to let Enviro-Mich list participants
know about GLIN Daily News.    This is a single daily email message to which
you can s_bscr_be on Great Lakes news that is published by the
Great Lakes Information Network  [the technical internet services
providers to Enviro-Mich]  which is housed at the offices of the Great
Lakes Commission in Ann Arbor.

There is no better "current awareness" information
engine than GLIN Daily News for folks who care about
Great Lakes issues.   GLIN Daily News carries squibs about
media articles appearing in general media sources along with
the URLs to get at these stories.

Today's issue seems particularly interesting and I'm posting it
below to give you a sample of what this free list is like.   There
is also a searchable archive so you can look for past stories.

And while you are at it, don't forget to check out the general
Great Lakes Information Network web site at
This is THE pre-eminent source of information on the Great Lakes
with extensive content and links to other sources.

The GLIN Daily News for today is reprinted below for your
introduction to this information source.

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Great Lakes Daily News: 21 April 2003
For links to these stories and more, visit http://www.great-lakes.net/news/

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River traffic blocked as wind topples tower
Shipping traffic on the St. Clair River was halted overnight after heavy
winds toppled a 200-foot-tall Canadian power-line tower, dropping several
live electric wires between Ontario and Michigan into the water. Source: The
Port Huron Times Herald (4/21)

Starring role for waterfront
Toronto needs to extend its cultural revolution to its waterfront if it's
going to finish the job of using the arts to reinvent the city and help
assure its future economic growth, experts say. Source: The Toronto Star

Doyle disbands mine environmental impact panel
Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has decided to discontinue a scientific panel of
university professors named years ago to review how a proposed underground
zinc and copper mine in northern Wisconsin would affect ground water and
other aspects of the environment. Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette (4/21)

Valuable substance found in slag heaps
Slag heaps at old steel mills around the Great Lakes could become valuable
resources, thanks to new technology that makes it possible to extract
ferromanganese, a substance used in steelmaking that typically must be
imported from abroad. Source: The Buffalo News (4/21)

Asian food stores adding to carp problem?
Great Lakes officials are working frantically to stop a new invasive threat,
the Asian carp. They fear human behavior may help the invasive fish get
around the barrier on the Chicago River. Source: Great Lakes Radio
Consortium (4/21)

Iron ore mining tied to cancer?
Researchers are trying to determine whether fibers found in taconite mined
near Lake Superior might cause cancer. Source: Great Lakes Radio Consortium

Limits on selling water may affect few
Laws on diverting Great Lakes water may pose a greater hurdle to Milwaukee
suburbs seeking to obtain Lake Michigan water than the city's strict
regulations covering the sale of lake water. Source: Milwaukee
Journal-Sentinel (4/20)

'Coasters' on rise again
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hopes to reintroduce Lake Superior brook
trout in Wisconsin, using as a model a program that successfully returned
the fish to Minnesota waters. Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (4/20)

Granholm may have to choose between weeds and federal cash
Beach-grooming legislation recently passed by the Michigan House of
Representatives could cost the state $3 million in federal funding next year
if signed into law by Gov. Granholm. Source: Booth Newspapers (4/19)

Volunteers will host Tawas lighthouse tours
While state park officials here await final word on funding to repair the
Tawas Point Lighthouse tower, plans are underway to offer limited tours of
the historic structure this summer. Source: Iosco County News-Herald (4/9)

For links to these stories and more, visit http://www.great-lakes.net/news/

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