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RE: E-M:/ High Density Developments to Preserve Agricultural Land???

Enviro-Mich message from mowens@pirgim.org

I, for one, just bought a house and chose to be in a relatively
high-density urban area.  But I don't claim that that is right for
everyone.  Clearly there is no one single housing type, high-density
or low-density, that will be right for everyone.  

What we need to do is make sure the developers who are building in
the formerly agricultural lands are paying the full cost of
developing there, including the cost of expanding roads, sewers,
schools, police and fire departments, etc.  Building out on farmland
is artificially cheap, subsidized by the rest of us.

That, in combination with efforts to revitalize our existing
developed areas and preserve some of the existing open spaces, will
make good strides in slowing the sprawl here in Michigan.


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>>Good quesiton.  I await the answer.
>>Rhonda Anderson
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>>  I'm curious - how many of you that are advocating high density
>>living are actually living there?  And how many are living in
>suburbs or
>>rural places?

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