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Re: E-M:/ High Density Developments to Preserve Agricultural Land???

Quilty as charged!  I lived on a 1.3 acre parcel in a 3 bedroom ranch.  But, at least it's about 100 yards from Ann Arbor City's border and will be in the City soon.  And we did look for homes in neighborhoods in the City, but economics drove us out to the country.  And, I'm always going on (ask my husband and friends) about how I wish we could sell teh house and live on Fourth Ave. in the City and get to walk to the grocery store, etc.  and how I enjoyed my visit to Washington, New York, or wherever.

But this is a big problem. It's like the poll in teh Chicago area that showed massive support for mass transport, but the same poll ask some sort of question about whether you would actually use it, and very few would.

But, there are ways we can systematically change the drivers of sprawl like by making it cheaper to finding housing in a city, or more desireable, and making it less desireable to live in the country.  Like increasing gas prices.  I know, that's a pipe dream.

But, I agree, this public relations problem that high density has is a huge problem.

Sadewass@aol.com wrote:

I'm curious - how many of you that are advocating high density urban living are actually living there?  And how many are living in suburbs or rural places?