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E-M:/ Michigan Activists....Pay Attention on Military Enviro Exemptions

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

The latest dispatch from Public Employees for Environmental
Responsibility shows how the Bush political appointees
Christie Whitman and John Suarez are undermining /reversing the
professional judgement of top EPA career public servants
on the matter of exempting the military from environmental

Michigan activists should pay attention to this because
of the presence of the Grayling National Guard Training facility
[and its presence in the watershed of the Au Sable and
Manistee Rivers], and the Selfridge Air National base
near Mt. Clemens.

Michigan also has Sen. Carl Levin on some of the committees
of jurisdiction and, according to the recent NRDC presentation in
Lansing, Levin needs to be hearing from Michigan citizens on this issue.

In fact, inquiring minds want to know....has the Michigan
National Guard under the Granholm Administration
supported or opposed the Bush Administration effort to
exempt military facilities from environmental laws, as
Bush is seeking with both executive decisions and
congressional action??????

Let's be specific.....Michigan already knows the consequences
of past unrestrained military facility environmental mismanagement
such as that which occurred at Wurtsmith U.S. Air Force Base that
polluted both groundwater and the Au Sable River.

Citizens should ask questions like...

What is happening, for example, with any use of depleted uranium
artillery rounds at Grayling in field training exercises?

How are spent solvents and hazardous wastes from aircraft maintenance being 
handled at Selfridge?

Has the State of Michigan inventoried threatened and endangered species on
the large land area of the Grayling training facility?

What management is taking place of spilled fuel at both facilities?

Do aviation fuel tanks at Selfridge have secondary containment?

Here is PEER's latest dispatch on this issue:

Top Official's Testimony Contradicts His Own Agency's Specialists
A top Environmental Protection Agency official endorsed Pentagon pollution
exemption proposals in congressional testimony without disclosing serious
objections raised by his own staff, according to documents released today by
PEER. John P. Suarez, head of EPA's Office of Enforcement & Compliance
Assurance, testified before House and Senate committees that Pentagon
rewrites of hazardous waste laws were "narrowly tailored" and "appropriate"
while his own staff's analysis submitted to the President's Office of
Management and Budget raised major public health concerns and attacked the
plans as unnecessary and overly broad.

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