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E-M:/ Join Michigan's Environmental Groups to Fight Sprawl

Friends . . . you can help convince Governor Granholm and the Michigan Land
Use Leadership Council to reform Michigan's sprawl-inducing land use laws by
joining in a summer-long postcard campaign to drum up support for new

The member organizations of the Michigan Environmental Council are working
to develop a cadre of activists across the state who can encourage their
lawmakers and the MLULC members to 
*	improve statewide leadership on land use, 
*	develop greater regional cooperation around land use and
transportation planning, and 
*	increase the number and kinds of tools available to local
governments to combat sprawl.  

The first goal of this ambitious statewide campaign is our postcard drive.
You can read the text of the postcard pasted at the end of this message.
Our current partnership includes the East Michigan Environmental Action
Council, PIRGIM, the Michigan Land Use Institute, the Sierra Club and the
West Michigan Environmental Action Council.  

What You Can Do!

1.	Sign a Postcard!  Add your name to the list of supporters at
www.onemichigan.org <http://www.onemichigan.org>  
2.	Twist Some Arms!  Commit to collecting 5, 10, 25 or more postcards.
You can get them from any of the contacts listed below.
3.	Enjoin an Ally!  Convince an organization you support to join the
campaign.  For more information, contact me, email is best:

		Conan Smith
		Land Programs Director
		Michigan Environmental Council
		119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A
		Lansing, MI  48912
		p. 517-487-9539
		f.  517-487-9541
		mailto:conanmec@voyager.net <mailto:conanmec@voyager.net> 


MEC:  Brad Garmon (bradmec@voyager.net <mailto:bradmec@voyager.net> )
517-487-9539  LANSING
Sierra Club:  Dan Farough (Daniel.farough@sierraclub.org
<mailto:Daniel.farough@sierraclub.org> )  517-484-2372  LANSING
EMEAC:  Heather Northway (hlnorthway@aol.com <mailto:hlnorthway@aol.com> )
248-258-5188  BLOOMFIELD HILLS
WMEAC:  Karla Kauffman (kauffman@wmeac.org <mailto:kauffman@wmeac.org> )
616-451-3051  GRAND RAPIDS
PIRGIM:  Megan Owens (megan@pirgim.org <mailto:megan@pirgim.org> )
734-662-6597  ANN ARBOR
MLUI:  Andy Guy (andy@mlui.org <mailto:andy@mlui.org> )  616-308-6250  GRAND


>From the quiet pine woods of the Upper Peninsula to the pastoral landscapes
of mid-Michigan to the bustling cities of the southern half of our state, we
have precious resources that need to be protected. Give us Smart Growth
reforms that will protect Michigan's great places!

Dear Governor Granholm/Michigan Land Use Leadership Council:

Over the last two decades urban sprawl has undermined Michigan's
communities, threatened the Great Lakes and caused the loss of more than a
million acres of farmland.  These trends must be reversed.  I am joining the
call for cooperative solutions across all levels of government.  I urge you
to support them, too.

Without a clear vision for the future we cannot succeed. Statewide
Leadership can guide long-range change and make sure that everyone is moving
in the same direction. Give us statewide goals that protect Michigan's
quality of life and an Office of Smart Growth to coordinate and secure more
federal funding for planning and preservation.

Regional Cooperation brings together cities, suburbs and countryside to
address the problems that we cannot solve alone. We need planning tools that
cross jurisdictional lines and new incentives to encourage multiple units of
government to cooperate.

Finally, our communities all face unique challenges in protecting our
natural and cultural resources.  Expand access to Tools for Local
Governments to reinforce the front line against urban sprawl.

Thank you!

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