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E-M:/ Watershed 2004

Title: Watershed 2004
The Michigan Water Environment Association is working with the Water Environment Federation to sponsor Watershed 2004.  This is the next in a series of National Watershed Conferences which have been held every two years.  Previously they were held in Baltimore, Denver, Victoria, and Fort Lauderdale.  Next year it will be in Dearborn.

Watershed 2004
Hyatt Regency Dearborn
Dearborn, Michigan, USA
July 11-14, 2004

We are hoping to include our non-profit watershed organizations in a number of ways.  The MWEA is looking into ways to provide scholarships so watershed organization staff will be able to attend.  We are encouraging Michigan presentations so the Michigan Watershed successes can be shared with others from all over the nation (see call for abstracts).  Third, we are trying to establish a location at the conference for non-profit watershed organizations to display their accomplishments and public education materials.  
Fred E. Cowles, P.E.
Michigan Water Environment Association
Watershed Management Committee
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