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E-M:/ "PICTURE THE SOLUTION"- A Photo Essay Contest


A Photo Essay Contest 

Sponsored by the Michigan Environmental council and the Detroit Free Press

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) and the Detroit Free Press are sponsoring a photo essay contest titled, "Picture the Solution," for children and adults. Contest winners will receive The Barbara Stanton Environmental Award of Excellence, named for the recently retired Detroit Free Press editorial writer who for decades eloquently championed the protection of Michigan ' s environment. Contest winners will also be awarded substantial cash prizes. Participants should look for creative ways in which their communities combat environmental problems and capture them on film.

To submit and entry: MEC urges people to think broadly of environmental challenges facing their community including, but not limited to, air and water pollution, health impacts, traffic, sprawl, trash, blight and more. Send photos and caption -postmarked by May 12- to the following:
Picture The Solution Contest
119 Pere Marquette
Lansing, MI 49912

*Please include you name, address, age, telephone, email address, and school (if applicable ).

If you have questions, please contact Keith Etheridge at ketheridge@attbi.com or (517) 351-1816.