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E-M:/ Use Technology To Keep Political Candidates Honest

Today it appears so easy to buy politicians and candidates with silent partnership deals that never get recorded as official contributions.  The revolving doors between development partners and local community politicians are not recorded.  When is a campaign contribution a blatant bribe to include the local politician as a business partner?  It is easy to be cynical when we look at S. Fox Island, Fisherman's Landing at Muskegon, Ellenwood Marina Landing at Montague, Spring Lake Township near Grand Haven, HB4257, SB244, ground water legislation, drain code revisions, on and on.  What really irritates me is how hypocritical the politicians are.  I see my local West Michigan politicians promoting themselves as good Christians destroying God's earth.  They then use the development profits in the "campaign collection plate" to buy off heaven just like they did in real life.  Remember the golden rule "He who has the gold rules."  When it comes to protecting the environment and campaign contributions, does the public ever notice or care anymore? 

Use Technology To Keep Political Candidates Honest - 05/06/03
Computer tracking system would let voters monitor campaign contributions in Michigan

Michigan political candidates can now post their campaign contributions online as soon as they receive them. But the law doesn't require them to do so. It should.