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E-M:/ Cools contract not extended

I got this off another forum, but the source of the article was not posted.
I noted Cool's comment
"But it's all down hill from here."  Down hill?  Cool can cause a large amount of damage on his way out just like Engler.

Commission Opts Not To Extend Cool Contract

At the request of Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM, the Natural Resources Commission today voted unanimously not to extend the contract of Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Director K. L. COOL. Cool's contract expires May 31, 2004.

Normally the Commission conducts a performance evaluation one year prior to the expiration of the contract and then extends it for an agreed to period of time. Cool has served as DNR director for seven years.

Commission Chairman Keith CHARTERS said the action had no reflection on Cool's performance but was being taken because "we were made aware by the Governor that she did not want the contract extended and that it had nothing to do with job performance."

Commissioner Bob GARNER, a Democrat, moved the motion not to extend Cool's contract. Commissioner Frank WHEATLAKE, appointed as an Independent, seconded the motion.

The current 7-member commission is comprised of three Republicans, two Democrats and two Independents.

Cool thanked the Commission for the opportunity to work in Michigan saying he had "never worked with a better group of people in moving forward an agenda of good policy and good resource management."

Cool told MIRS that serving as DNR director in Michigan gave him the opportunity to "have an impact on natural resources at a level that is the best in the world. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

"Now I have to begin looking for another job," Cool told Commission members. "But itıs all down hill from here."