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E-M:/ Who should replace Whitman?

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Beth Doyle <marybeth@ecocenter.org>

Any rumors about who is being considered as Whitman's replacement?
Russ Harding's name was bandied about earlier. Meanwhile,  Greenpeace
is offering an interesting suggestion--Gordon Durnil, who served as
the US chair of the International Joint Commission, and championed
the virtual elimination of persistent toxic chemicals into the Great

>May 21, 2003
>                              RESIGNATION
>Calls for Gordon Durnil, a Former Bush Sr. Appointee, as a Possible
>                              Replacement
>The persistent rumors of Governor Whitman’s resignation as head of the
>Environmental Protection Agency have finally born fruit as she officially
>resigned earlier today. Greenpeace sees this as a sign that Governor Whitman
>may have finally heeded the advice of Winston Churchill, who warned us not to
>accept responsibility without authority. In a bizarre twist of fate, Whitman
>concluded her career defending anti-environmental decisions while
>representing the world’s largest environmental agency.
>In Greenpeace’s estimation, Governor Whitman was a dim bulb in an
>otherwise dark room. Under the Bush Administration, Whitman has overseen
>more erosion of environmental laws and initiatives than any other EPA
>Administrator. She has defended policies designed to protect industry and not
>the environment. More specifically, since her appointment two years ago
>Whitman has given voice and support to: the U.S. withdrawal from the Kyoto
>Protocol global warming treaty; the weakening of the National Environmental
>Policy Act; and the dilution of pollution standards for power plants under the
>Clean Air Act.
>As Whitman steps down, President Bush owes the United States a truly
>visionary environmental leader such as Republican Gordon Durnil. In 1989,
>President George S. Bush appointed Durnil as U.S. Chairman of the
>International Joint Commission, a transboundary U.S./Canada body charged
>with implementing the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. He was also the
>Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party during the Reagan years and is the
>author of the book The Making of a Conservative Environmentalist.  In many
>ways, Durnil embraces the Teddy Roosevelt tradition of environmental
>protection, and he may be able to help President Bush clean up the dangerous
>environmental mess he has created for our nation.
>Carol Gregory, Greenpeace Media Department 202-319-2472, 202-413-8531


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