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Re: E-M:/ ALEC Pushes Bills to Outlaw Environmental Advocacy

oh come on now.... you don't you  realize that all these email are already being tracked by the federal government as a possible terrorist organization.... 

Erik Herzog <erik_herzog@hotmail.com> wrote:
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Environmentalists = Terrorists
The New Math
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"Exploiting the current political climate against terrorism, ALEC (The
American Legislative Exchange Council) has
up with the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, a pro-hunting group, to create a
model "Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act." The legislation is part of
intense backlash against increasingly effective and vocal citizen
aimed at halting -- and holding corporations accountable for --
environmental, animal-rights and public health abuses.


The Texas bill defines an 'animal rights or terrorist organization' as
or more persons organized for the purpose of supporting any politically
motivated activity intended to obstruct or deter any person from
participating in an activity involving animals or... natural resources.'
The bill adds that '"Political motivation" means an intent to influence
government entity or the public to take a specific political action.'
Language in the New York bill is similarly broad."

ALEC's membership includes 2,400 state legislators from all fifty states,
including, obviously, Michigan.

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