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Re: E-M:/ Miami Herald reports Engler in running for EPAadministrator

Enviro-Mich message from Curt Guyette <cguyette@metrotimes.com>

> We wrote about this the last time Big John was being mentioned as the possible
> head of the EPA.

The heathens here at News Hits became sudden converts last week, falling to our
knees and praying fervently that our manifest sins be forgiven, certain that
Judgment Day was upon us. A certain sign the Apocalypse was nigh had just
appeared in the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer, which reported that our very
own Gov. John Engler could be appointed the next head of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency. Could great balls of hellfire be far behind? Giving us hope
that there may indeed be a Supreme Being occasionally looking after the best
interests of our fragile planet, Engler has since declared that he has no
interest in the job. But it speaks volumes that the Bush administration would
even consider an unabashed industry harlot like Big Bad John to be in charge of
protecting this nation’s environment. The very prospect still has our heads
spinning faster than that girl’s in The Exorcist. In fact, the idea is so utterly
bizarre, we began searching our imaginations for some apt analogies to put it in
perspective. After considerable thought, we decided it would be like …
David Duke heading the NAACP.
Michael Moore being elected president of the National Rifle Association.
Mother Teresa publishing Hustler magazine.
Larry Flynt publishing Highlights magazine....

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