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Re: E-M:/ Symbol for Clean water unanimously passes Senate, while substantive laws and funding are being gutted

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Having consulted Webster's Dictionary, I see that lotus may be a very appropriate symbol for "clean water" and other environmental issues in Michigan and other regions. Lotus is described as a fruit eaten by the "lotus-eaters" of Libya in Homer's Odyssey, although of a different plant, Zizyphus lotus of the Buckthorn family. The fruit induced a state of "dreamy indolence, contentment, and forgetfulness".
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From: Anne Woiwode <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>
To: 'ENVIRO-MICH' <enviro-mich@great-lakes.net>
Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 5:57 PM
Subject: E-M:/ Symbol for Clean water unanimously passes Senate, while substantive laws and funding are being gutted


The Senate yesterday passed unanimously a bill to designate the American lotus blossom as the "official state symbol for clean water in this state" (see entire bill below).  While this is a noble gesture, and one to be applauded on its merits independent of comparisons, there is a sickening irony that at this VERY moment other bills before the Senate will actually determine the fate of Clean Water in Michigan, and it looks like the same commitment to Clean Water is absent in the Senate on these bills.

The bills include:

- a proposal that would allow the wanton destruction of the coastal wetlands that are the HOME of this lovely species (HB 4257), and

- the DEQ Budget Bill from the House currently under debate in the Senate, which arrived with a huge, gaping hole in it that would gut the ability of the DEQ to even PRETEND to assure that Clean Water exists by drastically under funding this program, along with virtually every other aspect of the environmental protection laws in Michigan

NO CREDIT SHOULD BE GIVEN FOR SYMBOLS -- This was an extraordinarily easy vote -- if there is ANY desire to actually assure the reality of clean water, not just endorse symbols, the Michigan Senate MUST VOTE NO ON HB 4257, MUST RESTORE THE DEQ BUDGET TO FULL FUNDING LEVELS and pass the required PERMIT FEES that would fully fund environmental programs

To do less is like painting the outside of a house rife with termites -- meaningless, futile gestures that merely waste the electrons and paper they use.

  SB-0106,As Passed Senate,May 27, 2003 (37 to 0, one not voting)


January 29, 2003, Introduced by Senators HAMMERSTROM, JOHNSON, GOSCHKA and
BRATER and referred to the Committee on Local, Urban and State Affairs.
 A bill to designate an official state symbol for clean water                      
in this state.                                                              

1       Sec. 1.  The American lotus blossom (Nelumbo lutea) is                      
2   designated as the official state symbol for clean water in this             
3   state.                                                                      

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