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Re: E-M:/ Great Lakes workshop - Final Notice: Establishing Restoration Targets for Great Lakes Areas of Concern, June 6-7, Detroit Metro Airport

I'd like to emphasize to the EM list and to citizens and organizations
out there the importance of the subject matter being discussed at this
June 6-7 workshop.   This is the "HOW CLEAN IS CLEAN DEBATE" that is
being discussed as to Great Lakes Areas of Concern..... in other words,
how much polluted sediment and in-place pollution will be allowed to
remain in Great Lakes locations.   Implicit in this is the potential [at some sites] for
responsible parties to escape the costs of cleanup if decisions are made that
allows the cessation of concern over sites.

There is also the matter of what level of residual risks will be allowed to remain as
far as human health risk and ecological risk....and the potential acceptance of
relatively significant risk levels.

Heads up...Pay attention.....the Great Lakes are at stake!!


Alex Sagady

At 10:46 AM 5/29/2003 -0400, you wrote:
FINAL NOTICE: Registration deadline is tomorrow, Friday, May 30!

~  Workshop Announcement  ~

Staying on Target:

A Regional Workshop for Establishing Restoration Targets for Great Lakes Areas of Concern
June 6-7, 2003
Westin Hotel at Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Romulus, Michigan
Workshop Overview
This workshop will advance efforts to restore and delist Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOC) by facilitating the development of measurable restoration targets for beneficial use impairments being addressed in the AOCs. The workshop will inform Remedial Action Plan (RAP) participants about the role of restoration targets in documenting progress toward and ultimately delisting the AOCs and identify options for developing measurable goals for beneficial uses. Representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes National Program Office (U.S. EPA, GLNPO) will discuss changes in their approach to the AOC program and their plans for implementing the Great Lakes Legacy Act.
The program is intended for local RAP participants, state agency staff, and others involved in implementing and reporting on progress in restoring the Great Lakes Areas of Concern.
Registration and Additional Information
The workshop program and registration form will be distributed in May and will be made available online at www.glc.org/spac/. For additional information, contact Matt Doss at the Great Lakes Commission at 734-971-9135, mdoss@glc.org.
The workshop is sponsored by the U.S. EPA, GLNPO and the Great Lakes Commission, with support from the International Joint Commission and the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council.

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