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Re: E-M:/ Dangerous Lake Chemicals - HB 4730 Introduced in Michigan House

I would agree that we need improvement on aquatic plant management legislatively, however, I wonder if this bill is part of a knee-jerk response to new property on Gt Lakes shoreline areas and low water conditions,etc.  HOWEVER, while nuisance plants are a problem in some locations (Eurasian water milfoil) most of the littoral zone plants are beneficials.  Society is becoming more aware of the value of aquatic plants to manage our riparian yards, shorelines, etc.  This law would allow the neighbors, etc to destroy our littoral zone aquatic plants with immunity!  It fails to recognize the ecological value of most of the aquatic plants.

As I read over the bill, Sec 3307(1) is particularly onerous.  It takes away my private riparian rights against chemical drift!  Allthough I am not aware of the use of the tool against trespass, it would preclude that challenge as well.  Bad law!!
3307(2) lets any riparian do the work! over and on my property too!  BULL !

Also, earlier in the document, the language on map requirements is not clear on if it requires that the location of the pest plant location be included (maybe 3305(h)(iv) ? 

Definitions of eradication not in cinque with goal statement of nuisance control at least nuisance levels, etc.  Eradication is eradication, not control.

I will be looking over the rest of the bill (that is as far as I got today) and will send you more thoughts.