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E-M:/ Anti-Oil/Anti-War protest at Fairlane Ford dealership this Saturday

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

No Blood OR Oil: Protest June 7 at Fairlane Ford in
Saturday, June 7th
12-1 pm
at Fairlane Ford in east Dearborn on Michigan Ave.	
Sponsored by Massasauga Earth First!

Our Addiction to Oil is Deadly.
It contributes to forest destruction, water pollution,
human rights abuses, global warming and childhood
asthma. And of course our oil addiction is also
largely responsible for the senseless war in Iraq: If
broccoli were the number one export from the Middle
East, we never would have invaded Iraq. 

It is Time to Take the Slogan ďNo Blood OR OilĒ
straight to Detroit.
This June, Ford Motor Company is going to celebrate
its 100th anniversary. Ford likes to think of itself
as an innovator. But in fact this is a dinosaur
company that produces primitive, gas-guzzling
vehicles. Many of Fordís vehicles on the road today
get fewer miles per gallon than did the Model-T 80
years ago! 

Take Action
Ford has proven that they do not care about the high
use of oil in their vehicles. They could have long ago
implemented technology that is setting on the shelf
and dramatically improved the fuel efficiency of their
vehicles. We are now past the time when just better
fuel efficiency is good enough. We need to demand that
Ford end the use of oil in their vehicles. The Earth
and its inhabitants canít wait any longer!

For More Information, contact:
Massasauga Earth First!
PO Box 44173
Detroit, MI 48244

This action is part of a National Day of Action
targeting Ford.	

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