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E-M:/ West Nile Management in West Michigan, Bioweapons to be unleashedon mosquitos - Man "bites" Mosquito


The Vectus Biotool KitTM is being used in Allegan Michigan for West Nile Virus vector management.

Not everyone is comfortable with massive pesticide fogging of Mosquito adulticides for managing the vectors of  the West Nile Virus, or the severe dollars and cents and environmental costs.  Other diseases such as EEE and St. Louis Encephalitis are also of grave concern here in West Michigan.   This public health concern is especially true when Michigan public officials, specifically the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Michigan State University Extension act as pesticide marketing agents and continue to fail to identify safer, more sustainable and affordable, biological control alternatives. Then go on after years of formal complaints to factually misrepresent EPA pesticide risk information as they have in the Federal "Stop the spread Gypsy Moth program " here in Allegan County and elsewhere, and more recently in Lapeer and Oakland County when promoting and endorsing the use of adultacides for Mosquitoes to our elected officials.   Making false and misleading "safety" claims not on the  label of any pesticide product registered in the State of Michigan and that would be prohibited if made by any pesticide manufacturer or pesticide applicator is not acceptable.

 While neither spraying nor biological control can completely eliminate all risk, unlike the spraying of adultacides (like closing the gate after the horses are gone) this biological control strategy is an affordable, 24 hour, seven day a week approach without all of the collateral damage and known and unknown risks associated with Mosquito adultacide spraying and is far more sustainable.  More importantly the mosquitoes can not become resistant to being eaten in this biological control approach.  The biology of the Mosquito determines that like all other insects in that live in Michigan each spray pass makes the mosquitoes more pesticide resistant and kills their ambient natural enemies better than it does them, while making the Mosquito a more effective vector of the West Nile Virus by lowering  the immune system of Mosquitoes that receive a sub-lethal dose of pesticide; this is a serious strategic error.  This is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot in my opinion.

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" Bioweapons to be unleashed on mosquitos

Thursday, May 29, 2003


ALLEGAN -- Carnivorous plants, bug-killing viruses, minnows, dragonflies, and even a device that scrambles insect homing abilities are among the arsenal the city of Allegan will deploy this summer against mosquitoes and the West Nile virus they might carry.

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The Allegan City Council decided Tuesday night to institute a citywide program of biological controls.

Mayor Jon Cook said the program is similar to the annual attack the city has waged since 1989 against gypsy moths, and he is confident in its ability to get the job done.

"We felt we needed to do something more than just pass out a few fliers in case someone wanted to know something about West Nile," Cook said. "This is a logical approach versus doing nothing or a big mass spraying or fogging the city."

Cook said cards will go out in the mail this week advising Allegan residents how to pick up the materials for both gypsy-moth and mosquito controls on June 7.

"Overall," DeFazio said, "it's an overlapping strategy to get better control than with any single component.

Rosemary Parker can be reached at 694-6709 or rparker5@mac.com. "

Vectus Biotool Kit" (Biting Insects). Mosquito, Black Fly and other biting flies control, of medical and veterinary 

IPM Definition:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest management strategy that focuses on long term prevention or suppression of pest problems with a minimum impact on human health, the environment, and non-target organisms and is based on biological control.

Praxis Rationale for Reliance on Biological Controls as the Primary Control Methods

From USDA, APHIS, NBCI (National Biological Control Institute), Dr. Ernest S. Delfosse, Ph.D., Director: Re:Biological control,

 "It is the first option for pest management, and replaces chemical control as the, base strategy of Integrated Pest Management".

USDA, EPA, FDA, Tripart Agreement to reduce pesticide use and protect children.(pesticide use reduction 100%)

National Research Council's Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children. 1993. This book and study identifies children as being at higher risk than adults from pesticide exposure.

The National PTA's and National Education Associations position on pesticide reduction and health and human safety- in school settings.