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E-M:/ Turkeys at the Detroit News, NOT New York City balconies

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>


If you missed the column by Thomas Bray of the Detroit News yesterday,
you should dig it out of the bottom of the bird cage, read it and
immediately put it back in, on top.  Bray's thesis, if it could be
called that, is that because there are lots of coyotes and deer, and
because bear are getting into people's bird feeders, then the
environment is unbelievably healthy and private land is clearly the
reason for that.  Mr. Bray seems to increasingly dip into the same arena
as those who look at food in an American grocery store and say that is
proof there cannot be any food shortages anywhere in the world.

His biggest proof of this is that reportedly a fellow in NYC saw a
turkey on his 28th floor balcony.  Bray implies that the bird arrived
there of its own volition, and that the fellow who saw it caught a
picture of it before it flew off.  I am no expert on birds, but this has
troubled me since reading it yesterday.  Everything I know about turkeys
is that they really are not much at flying -- they fly when startled,
and to get up into the trees where the roost, but the thought of a
turkey flying somewhere around 300 feet in the air in order to land on a
balcony in Manhattan seems a little suspect.  I'd be curious to hear
from some of the real turkey aficionados out there if they have any
insight into this.


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