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E-M:/ Former Sierra Club President to Run For Ford's Board

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

This release from yesterday discusses both an ad in the NYTimes taken
out by Sierra Club and the candidacy of Dr. Robert Cox for the Ford
Board of Directors.  Also, the Detroit News is running a poll today
asking whether Sierra Club's comparison of gas millage between the Ford
Model T and the full Ford fleet, especially the Explorer, is fair -- go
http://www.detnews.com/2003/autosinsider/0306/04/c01-183231.htm  to
vote.  AW

For Immediate Release:
June 3, 2003

Dr. Robert Cox (919) 619 1632
Zack Roth (202) 675 6279

Former Sierra Club President to Run For Ford's Board

On Company's 100th Birthday, New Ad Calls for Innovation on Fuel Economy

Washington, D.C. - Sierra Club wished Ford Motor Company a happy 100th
birthday today, announcing that former Sierra Club President Dr. Robert
will run for the company's board of directors in an attempt to improve
Ford's environmental record.  The environmental group also released a
ad questioning Ford's commitment to innovation.  The ad points out that
Model T, Ford's first car, got 25 miles to the gallon, better gas
than the average Ford vehicle today.

"I want to help make Ford an innovative, technologically-advanced, 21st
century company," said Cox.  "By making fuel economy a priority, Ford
recapture lost market share, keep pace with foreign competition, and
protect the environment."

Cox, who served as Sierra Club President from 1994-96, and again from
2000-01, would be a voice for innovative thinking and environmental
responsibility on Ford's board.  He would urge the company to use fuel
economy as an integrating force in its overall business strategy; to
recapture lost market share by aggressively marketing hybrid vehicles;
to stop blocking congressional action to address global warming.  Cox
publicize his candidacy over the coming months by appearing on live
talk shows, and by meeting with supporters across the country.

The Sierra Club's new ad will run in the New York Times and Business
and is timed to coincide with Ford's 100th birthday on June 16th.
by Haddow Communications, the ad contrasts the technological advances
in some industries over the last century with Ford's step backwards on
economy.  It urges the company to make the next 100 years a true century

To see the new ad, click here:

Ford's recent environmental record has been deeply disappointing.  The
average fuel economy of its new vehicles is at a twenty year low.  Last
year Ford joined other automakers in a multi-million dollar lobbying
that convinced Congress to reject higher fuel economy standards.  And in
April, Ford announced that it was breaking a promise to make a 25%
improvement in the fuel economy of its SUVs by 2005.

The technology exists to allow Ford to achieve a fleet-wide average of
miles per gallon.  Better engines, transmissions, aerodynamics, and
technologies could be built into vehicles of all sizes while enhancing
performance, safety, and affordability.  But Ford has largely left these
innovative technologies on the shelf.  Five years after Toyota put the
first hybrid on the market, Ford has yet to get into the game.

By using existing technology to make cars and trucks that go much
further on
a gallon of gas, Ford could save consumers money at the gas pump, help
protect the environment, and cut our oil dependence.

"We all want to see Ford continue to create jobs for its workers and
profits for its shareholders," continued Cox.  "To do that, it needs to
embrace 21st century technology and innovation.  That's why I'm running
Ford's board."

For a copy of Dr. Cox's platform and C.V., contact Zack Roth at (202)
675 6279


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