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E-M:/ FW: GreenMap Earth Walk and Fair June 7th, Saturday

Enviro-Mich message from Megan Owens <mowens@pirgim.org>

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GreenMap Detroit! Sat. 6/7
Food,Information, Children’s Activities,Speakers, Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk, Fun!
Roosevelt Park - Michigan and 14th

Driving through the grid of Detroit's barren and dirty streets invokes 
malaise in many, but for us it stirs ACTION!  Join us in a unique, never done 
before, seven-mile walk that will take the curious and the hopeful along a blazing  new trail of perspective in this growing city.  Then follow us to a free festival to celebrate the community, the earth, and the bright future of detroit.  For more information visit www.detroitgreenmap.org.

Detroit visionaries will take a guided seven-mile walk through future 
GreenMap locations of urban farms, ecologically friendly businesses, local gardens, and brown zones (i.e. toxic areas).  By locating natural growth areas, environmentally poisoned areas, and environmentally and socially responsible businesses, we will simultaneously elevate our disenfranchised communities stimulate our local economy, and protect our natural resources.
Informational Tables and Speakers representing
TRU, Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Hamtramck Environmental Action, 
GreenMap Detroit, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, Vegetarians I
n Motion, and More!
Along with all local talent!
Audra Kubat, The Space Band, DJ Munk, Lyndon, Invincible, Colton's Jazz Trio?, and Mark Sawasky?
With a special Matrix Theater RapOpera by Neinas Elementary School's 
Teatro De La Vida
 313-865-0950   www.greenmapdetroit.org

GreenMap Detroit! Sat. 6/7
Guided Walk
10 AM meet at F.A.R.M. - 62 E. Parkhurst 
City Historian, Frank Loftus, along with herbalist, Michael Tatz will take you along seven miles of Detroit's green and renewable areas.

Noon Catch up at the Detroit Contemporary - 5141 Rosa Parks
Refreshments will be offered at some Points of Interest
which include The Crows Nest,  Avalon Bakery, Cass CoOp, 
Corinthian Baptist, New Center North Community Park, 
Martin Luther King Park, Still Points Abbey, Detroit Summer, 
and the Corktown Development Center.
$12 donation; $10 Advance Purchase
313 865-0950; www.greenmapdetroit.com

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